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 Fender Bender (1950-2010)


Slide show with music

Radio Kaka´s dedication

Fender Bender passed away 27th November 2010 aged just 60.

The funeral took place on Monday 29th November followed by a celebration of his life at Ringo´s

On-on Fender Bender.


Pictures from Ringos after the Service:



Tonight we read the web page and were shocked to hear that Fender Bender (Roy) passed away on Saturday.  Fender Bender was a fantastic hasher who contributed so much to the Club and all its activities - we will miss him.  We are sorry that we were unable to join you all today and support Debbie because we are in Madrid.  Hobble Gobble  (Debbie) our thoughts are with you.

 On On

 Cradle Snatcher  (Marian) and Aphrodisiac (Henri )


I am very very sorry to hear that Roy - Fender Bender has passed away. 

Best regards to You all and take care

Olof  -  


Posted by Colonic:

Fender Bender and Hobble, The first time.

 It was SUMMER time when FENDER BENDER met HOBBLE GOBBLE some years ago in an OXFAM shop. They were both shopping for new cloths when they bumped into each other they new it was love at first sight. She with her EGG SHELL BLONDE Hair and he was eating a BIG MAC.

 FENDER BENDER said I think you look the DOGS BOLLOX! She said go away you STREAK OF PISS!

Oh come on darling, he said, would you like to pop along to HMV with me and look at some ELVIS records? No she said, I prefer to listen to the Radio.

The RADIO s KAKA he said. How about coming home with me and we watch a nice film?

 Well I have a videos of KINDERGARDEN COP, EL CID or MORK and MINDY?

Don’t be such a TIGHT ASS she said, take me to the cinema. That’s CHEAP AS CHIPS.

 I wanted to see that LEE MARVIN movie ever since I was a NIPPER.

 So off they went to the cinema and on the way HOBBLE stepped over the SPEEDBUMPS in the road straight into some dog SHITLER .But it was FENDER BENDER who brought a RUBBER TURD from the joke shop.

They decided to stop for lunch on the way and had, STREAKY bacon, 2 PIES and MARSHY PEES, a slice of SWISS ROLL and a Swedish FLAKEY pastry sugar cake called SUCA COCKER.

A meal fit for CRANNY FADDOK.

 After the movies FENDER BENDER asked HOBBLE to come home with him.

Have you got a nice house she said? Yes I Live with my parents.

 That’s all I need she said another MUMMIES BOY. Don’t worry he said I have got my own room. OK lets do it she said but there are some rules.

 If we are going to have AQUASEX, I am a decent girl not a LI LO LIL and do not want to be rushed into anything so I will JUST SAY WHEN ok? Then FENDER BENDER pulled out a DAFIDILL, DOH! He said, I thought I’d bought a Rose?

 No Worries FENDER BENDER said, is there any chance to go UP YA BUM? Or have  a GANGBANG. What’s a GANGPLANK she said? Typical HOBBLE response.

OK she said, only because you’re so SWEET AND LOWer your trousers but I will need COLONIC IRRIGATION after because I’ve heard you are a bit of a SHEEP SHAGGER. The last thing that I want is to be all ITCHY and SCRATCHY!

 When they got back home FENDER BENDER put on his favourite record KARMA CHAMELEON and made some cocktail called an AFRODISIAC.

They sat together on the couch and FENDER BENDER was thinking to himself how am I going to DIPPER? She is so SHAGADELIC!

Do you like Champaign he said, yes but I only drink the real VERVE CLITO. No LOOKIE LOOKIE MAN shit please?

Why is that he said, Well you should drink it too as it will help you come more!

It’s a sort of a SPERM AID!

 She bent over and reviled an ELEPHANT ASS with the smallest RUSKI PUSKI that he had ever seen. I call it my little TWEETSKI PIE she said. It barely measured 5 MIL from her clit to ASSHOLEY. Wow that’s so tight, hairy and hard he said, we will have to use some JY Kelly on that STIFFANNY! What a MARY HINGE, It’s like YOGGI BEAR! But I’m going to PUT IT IN that RUSTY TWAT anyway. You’d better go and have a GOLDEN CASCADE first he said. She turned around and grabbed his balls. Careful he said, I may NEVER COME AGAIN because I have a SEPTIC SCROTUM. The medical name for it is TOXIC BOLLOX.

 Sorry she said, let me be your WILLY WARMER so you don’t have to have a PHISICAL JERK, you WILLY WANKER anymore and you will have PUSSY GALORE all night!

 Buy the way, what is your Surname? Norris! FENDER BENDER said.

 In that case, do you fancy a FUCK NORRIS or stick it in my GOBBICHOV? She said.

 Oh go on then he said. I’ll have some of that.

And they did, they fucked for hours,

In the trees and shrubs and flowers,

Like Vikings with horns on their heads,

Head, who gave head, she did!


Our Lager
Which art in barrels,
Hallowed be thy drink.
Thy will be drunk,
I will be drunk,
At home as in the tavern.
Give us this day our foamy head,
And forgive us our spillages,
As we forgive those who spill against us.
And lead us not into incarceration,
But deliver us from hangovers.
For thine is the Beer, The Bitter, and the Lager,