Burro Hash

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Mijas HHH Hareline (Advice for hares below)

We need volunteers - no hares no Hash! If you have a run Please contact Aquasex(610 711 688) or Kindergarten Kop (686 752 499).

Run Day/Date/Time


Where? Event/Theme
1552 Sun  3rd Dec Streaky    
1553 Sun  10th Dec TBA    
1554 Sun  17th Dec AssualtyDog    
1555 Sun  24th Dec Shagadelic   Xmas Run
1556 Sun  31st Dec TBA   New Years eve run
1557 Sun  7th Jan TBA    
1558 Sun  14th Jan TBA    
1559 Sun  21st Jan TBA    

Checklist & Advice for Hares.

The Important ingredients.
1. Somewhere to run.
2. Beer & enough ice especially in summer.
3. Crisps.
4. Venue for an ON-ON negotiated previously
5. Hashers.
6. Down-down beer - use cans not bottles.

Points to remember.
It gets dark earlier in Winter.
Also colder & possibly wet.
Put out HHH signs at least 20 mins previous to run & collect them afterwards.
Ensure on-on venue is open before hashers arrive.
Always have a beer stop
Always have beer.
Announce run directions the week before & let web-master know, preferable ,in writing.
If you cannot set your assigned run it is YOUR responsibility to swap with another hare & inform On-Sex well in advance
If you have any problems call a committee member. That way you will be told to piss off diplomatically.

Unless you are an experienced hare set the run with some-one else. At least then you can share the blame with them.
Reccy the run until you are sure it is perfect.
Ensure beer-stop is around halfway round.
The Hash is not a race! The idea of the Hash is to keep slow and fast runners together so that they finish at the same time. This is done by using checks, this slows the fast runners down and allows the slower runners to catch up. Ideally you should have at least 10 checks in a Hash to keep the pack together.

Beer etc.
Take the cooler boxes & any left over stock home with you on the previous hash.
Scrub out cool boxes & wash off /dry spare cans as soon as possible after the run.
Each week minimum stock is:
120 cans of beer

10 litre bottles for down-downs

20 Shandy

20 sin

90 mixed softies

36 small bottles of water

2 big bottles of water for refilling

12 large bags of crisps

Any other items will not be refunded by hash cash but might bring more points!


To prepare for the  run you will need HHH direction signs, several bags of flour, shredded paper (ask committee member) & possibly chalk. Donīt forget to collect HHH signs & shredded paper at the previous weeks run.

The On.on
The restaurant should be selected for good value for money. The menu of the day should cost 10-15 Euros, normally including 2/3 courses & half bottle of wine. Try to insist on good wine as some of them serve crap.

Meals supplied at hares house are normally exceptionally good & are to be encouraged.

Special runs
If you feel like doing a special run & need to buy extra please ask the committee first or foot the bill yourself.



More Advice for Hares.