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Mijas Hash House Harriers.

The new committee would like to thank all previous committee members for their hard work in keeping the Mijas H3 going and, about to meet the milestone of 30 years of hashing with our Anniversary Bash in May 2019.

To make this year even more special the committee would like to improve the help to all hashers to make this year are best yet. Below is a list of ideas we would like to put forward which we hope will give hashers more incentive to get out there and find some great runs and On On locations.

Hares, should you wish to have funds “Up front” before setting the runs please get with hash cash and they will make money available and final payment will be adjusted when the hare’s receipts are submitted.

Hashers wishing to set a special run: Birthday, anniversary, wedding or divorce, hash funds will be available on case by case basis up to 50 euro.

Hashers wishing to do away weekend Hash or would like a coach for an “A” to “B” run just let us know and we will assist in all we can, also financially.

Hashers to think on new Run locations and for on on ons consider, BBQ, picnics, the beach, private homes.

Mijas H3 will have a “Social calendar”, for engagements outside of Hashing, Tapas nights, Theatre, Cinema, parties, this will only be on Face book contacts group (Join up !!)

Hash signs (H-H-H) and trail marking “Splogger” >>>> will be made available for hares that would like to borrow and return to the GM, please return them back to the GM. Failure to be returned signs or splogger will be dealt within the circle. “H-H-H” signs for runs have worked for nearly 30 years, with the hares directions and where the “H-H-H signs start plus the added technology of Google maps and Co-ordinates even Stevie Wonder should find the run sites.

If you have any other ideas (Within Hash traditions) please come forward and let us know.

Let’s keep having fun and Keep Mijas H3 the best little hash in the world.


On On your Committee.


Commitee 2018

GM – Flakey

Asst GM - Kinder

RA – Colonic

Arch Dickon – Justin

Hash Cash – Sweet and Low

Cash Assist – Streaky

Hareline – Aqua and Pussy

Hon Sex - Desparate Dan

Haberdashery – Stiffany

Haberdashery assist - Appy Ending

Webmeister – Dogs Bollocks

Hash Flash – Semen Stains

Choir boy - Justin and Pussy

Piss Porer -Swiss Roll

Dog's Body - Knuckle




Attendees      Pussy Galore, Streaky, Desperate Dan, Stiffanny, Flakey, 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Aquasex, Sweet and Low, Megasorearse, Community Chest

    Minutes of the previous meeting were approved (by default)

 1.      Hash Cash  reported that we have

Deposit a/c   €3,500

Current a/c   €1,082.74

Cash               €287.25  

Aeroflaps is still owed €20.90  

Action   – PG to get refund to Aeroflaps 

2.      Hareline 

Action   – Hares needed for 12 Nov 2017

Action   – Dogsy to update hareline on the website     

3.      Haberdashery

Stock (including discount items) €796

Cash in hand €246.  

Action – Community Chest to supply old T-shirts as table prizes at Christmas Ball

Action   – Stiffanny to provide unwanted T-Shirts as remaining table prizes 

4.      Halloween Run

This will be on Sunday 29 October 2017 at the caves in Ojen  and is being organised by Just Say When and Community Chest  

Action   – Just Say When to update us  

5.      Christmas Ball (previous minutes shown for reference)

On Friday 8 December 2017 at El Chaparral.

Cost of €35 per person to cover aperitifs, 3 course meal, cava, music and a private function room. This is a black tie event.

There will also be an awards ceremony 

New Hashers - Nominations

Men -

Rob the Knob

            Back, Sack, and Crack

            No Name Roger

Bleeding Bush

            Women -

                        Sandpaper Sally


                        Moroccan Mule

                           No Name Margarita           


Most Runs Set

            Pussy 6  Stiffanny 7 y Just Say When 8


Best Run - Nominations




Hash Shit

            Currently, Dogsy and Up Your Bum 

Best On On - Nominations

            Wedding Hash (Pizzas and salad in the picnic area)

            Campout (sandwiches) 

Worst On On - Nominations

            Aquasex (Paella after galgos hash) 

Action   – Stiffanny and Streaky to buy trophies 

Action   – Volunteers required to perform Hash acts. Yogi has been volunteered as one of the acts

 Action   – Stiffanny to provide Streaky with wording of ‘12 days of Christmas’ 

6.      weekly Awards ie Dick of the week etc

Action   – Stiffanny and Streaky to source the awards New Horn toilet seat.. 

7.      Website

Calendar page to be added to website, in order to provide a clearer communication of events. Additional updates to the site to be made as necessary. 

Action   – Desperate Dan and 5 Knuckle Shuffle to effect the changes.

Action   – Dogsy to add ‘2019’ to the date for the 30th anniversary notification 

8.      Red Dress Run

This has raised in excess of €2,750 

Action   – photos need to be provided to Aquasex, who will then arrange for some publicity. 

9.      Publishing of Minutes

The committee has decided that the minutes of these meetings shall no longer be published on either the website or the Facebook page. They shall only be distributed to committee members. 

10.  Campout 2018

This will be at Sierra del Pozo, the weekend of 8th to 10th June.       


11.  AOB

2018 AGM run 2018 will be at Benahavis on the weekend of 12th to 13th May 

             Next Meeting - Monday 6 Nov 2017 at 1900, at the Herradura 


Mijas Hash House Harriers


Officers` Meeting 4 Sept 2017


At Cortijo La Herradura


Present – GM Pussy Galore , RA Flakey, Hash Cash Streaky, assist Hash Cash Sweet and Low, Haberdashery Community Chest,  Hareline Aqua Sex, Hon Sex Kinder,  Choir Boy Megasuararse, Mummies Boy, Just Say When, Stiffany, Desparate Dan

Apologies – Dogs Bollocks, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Lee Marvin


1 Hash Cash – 330.60 euros in cash box (some money has been banked)

bank account 1082.74 on deposit

Action Point  (Hash Cash) - 20.90 euros to be returned to Aero Flaps (this carried over from last meeting)


2 Hareline – All runs booked up to 5 Nov … hares required for this date


3 Haberdashery – only 2 items sold since last meeting

badges – (Streaky) we currently have all that is required


4 End of Summer Ball 15 Sept – 40 people have so far registered to attend


5 Red Dress Run  two possible logo's for T-shirt passed to GM from Aqua Sex

30 registered so far

Action Point – to check websites where we have advertised to check for responses


6 Halloween Run 29 Oct – hares asked and were granted 15 euro for cocktails

(hares - Just Say When and Community Chest)

Action Point - (GM) contact Linda, manage of possible hotel for on on


7 Xmas Ball -(Streaky) booked and now waiting for people to sign up



a   Flakey – complained about morning runs “it's not hashing, you can't have a drink”

Streaky commented that attendance tended to be the same


b   Hares for Back to School run asked for, and were granted, 15 euro for lollipops


c   Website – (Henry/Desperate Dan) can website be updated

ie could there be a calendar page be added to make it clearer about upcoming events

(Dogsy had already been contacted and was in agreement)


d    Facebook – GM requested/suggested that people wishing to become members of the Facebook group, fill a simple questionnaire (kennel, hash name, have they ever hashed before)

to prevent random people who aren't hashers from joining


e     Next meeting – 16 October




Mijas Hash House Harriers


Officers` Meeting 7 Aug 2017


At Cortijo La Herradura


Present – GM Pussy Galore , Hash Cash Streaky, assist Hash Cash Sweet and Low, Haberdashery Community Chest,  Hareline Aqua Sex, Hon Sex Kinder, Web Site Dogsy, Five Knuckle Shuffle, Lee Marvin, Mummies Boy, Just Say When

Apologies – Megasaurarse, Flakey, Stiffany


1 Hash Cash – 585.60 euros in cash box - bank account 875 on deposit - 3600 savings account

two payments received for “End of Summer Ball”

Action Point 1- Stiffany to return outstanding monies from Camping Out to Hash Cash (done)

Action Point 2 - 20.90 euros to be returned to Aero Flaps

Action Point 3 - to return run fees to hares for Camping Weekend (done)

ABC run has been granted 15 euros pre-money


2 Hareline – Hares required for 20 Aug (Jut Say When volunteered in the meeting!)   27 Aug and 10 Sept still vacant

Action Point Sweet and Low to pin this info on Facebook site

Action Point 2 Alan to update website


3 Haberdashery – 880 euros in stock, 204 cash in hand

137 paid out for Camp Out badges

Action Point – run number badges to be organised by Pussy and Streaky


4 End of Summer Ball 15 Sept

Action Point – Sweet and Low to to also pin this on Facebook


5 Red Dress Run – 10 charity run since 2005

poster created by Alexis (son of Dogsy)

Action Point – to promote the event … Sweet and Low to inform and send out poster to groups known to her and also to pin on Facebook


6 Halloween Run 29 Oct – hares Just Say When and Community Chest – this info to be updated on website


7 Pussy – can people please clean the boxes when they take them before a run, especially sorting out rusty, old cans



Rota Running of the Bulls 16 Sept (morning after Summer Ball) – coach leaving St                                      

Anthony's mid day ish, 3 places left.. exact time will be confirmed as has now been changed

Action – to announce in circle


Mummies Boy – where is fist aid kit – response Streaky has it

Suggestion – can a list be drawn up of people with appropriate experience


c  Next meeting - 4 September






Apologies      Streaky, Kindergarten Cop, Stiff Fanny, Sir Flakey, 5 Knuckle Shuffle


Attendees      Pussy Galore, Desperate Dan, Dogsy ,  Megasaurarse, Community Chest, Sweet and Low, Streaky, Aquasex


MIA                 Up Your Bum, Semen Stains, Just Say When, Mummy’s Boy, Aeroflaps


Minutes of the previous meeting were approved (by default)



1.      Hash Cash  reported that we have

Deposit a/c   €3,500

Current a/c   €857.74

Cash               €467.80


€60 given to Stiff Fanny to cover cost of printing Euro Hash flyers

Streaky is maintaining a separate spreadsheet to monitor the Euro Hash expenses


The camp out weekend is expected to just about break-even. The private room, provided for our use, extra cost €45


Action – Stiff Fanny to return all remaining (camp out) money to Sweet and Low, together with all of the related bills.


             NB  -        As a permanent, ongoing policy, anyone authorised to raise expenses on 

                              behalf of Mijas H3 must retain all receipts etc and provide these to Hash 



2.      Hareline has hares up to 13 August.


Action   – Volunteers needed to hare on 20 August and 10 September


             Aquasex has planned another Galgos (greyhound) run for 3 September. But relax, the   

             food will be barbecue or picnic …….. no paella this time!


3.      Haberdashery has stock (including discount items) of €813 and cash in hand of €240. She is up-to-date with payments for badges and embroidery.


4.      ABC (Anything but clothes) run will be on 13 August.


Action - Everyone needs to get thinking about something imaginative to wear!!

 5.      End of Summer Ball

To be held on 15 September 2017 with the theme of ‘Space’. This can be anything space-related e.g. spaced-out, Star Wars, Lost in Space etc.

Venue is Valparaiso restaurant and the cost is €35 per person, to cover cocktails, and the meal

The start time is 1930 for 2000.

The money needs to start coming in from attendees.


Action – Hash Cash to raise awareness of the event at the next circle


Action – Everyone to start thinking about a costume and no, smoking a joint just before walking in, doesn't count as ‘spaced-out’! You know who you are!


6.       Red Dress Run

There is a separate committee handling this.


Action - Aquasex to ask Speeds Bumps to create a Spanish version of the poster


7.      Halloween Run

This will be on Sunday 29 October 2017 at the caves in Ojen  and is being organised by Just Say When and Community Chest


8.      Christmas Ball (previous minutes shown for reference)

On Friday 8 December 2017 at El Chaparral.

Cost of €35 per person to cover aperitifs, 3 course meal, cava, music and a private function room.

There will also be an awards ceremony.


9.      AOB

Euro Hash

             There is a separate committee for this

             Stiff Fanny and Sir Flaky are on their way to Vienna to make our bid for Mijas H3 to

             host the Euro Hash in 2019


             Action  - 5 Knuckle Shuffle agreed to investigate the feasibility of using the existing   

             web site, rather than creating something from scratch.


             Pool Party – 16th July. It is planned that there will be 4 pools involved in this run. 

             Hash Cash was authorised to an increase in the budget to €20 from the club account,

             to cover the cost of cocktails.


             Action   -  To make the budget go further, it would be appreciated if any hashers that    

            have any unwanted alcohol – and that's probably the only time in history that such a 

            sentence has been written!! – could kindly donate it to Streaky, who has promised to

            store it for the pool run, and not to drink it, herself.


              Euro Hash Flyers – There are a significant number of mistakes in the flyer printed for 

              advertising the Euro Hash. Unfortunately, 600 have already been printed and it's too

              late to produce replacements.


              Behaviour of Hash Member -  The abusive behaviour of ‘Any Cock ‘L’ Do’ at the 2nd 

              July on on, offended other members of the Mijas H3 and embarrassed us in front of

              visiting hashers, other customers, as well as owners of the restaurant. For this reason,  the committee decided that this hasher will no longer be welcome at any future on on’s  or other social events.

              Next Meeting - Monday 7th August 2017 at 1900 at Herradura Restaurant



Apologies Streaky, Kindergarten Cop, Aquasex, Mummy’s Boy, Semen Stains, Just In, Just Say When

Atendance Pussy Galore, Desperate Dan, 5 Knuckle Shuffle, Sir Flakey, Dogsey, Stiffany, Megasaurarse, Community Chest, Sweet and Low, Lee Marvin

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved (by default)

New committee members were welcomed by the GM

1.Hash Cash  
Reported that we have €3,500 on deposit, €1,007.57 in the bank account – after the AGM T-shirts and including some money received for the camp-out - and in cash box €347.

Has a full compliment of hares up to the end of July 2017
The Pool Run will be on 16 July 2017 15€ approved for pool run hares
The ABC Run will be on13 August 2017. €15, Approved for hares to buy drinks etc.

Sir Flakey reported that the Dead Hashers Run, on 7 January 2018, will be dedicated to Ash. In his memory, an ash tree will be planted, on the day.

The hareline updates need to be provided to Dogsey for inclusion on the website

3. Haberdashery 
Has stock of €827 and cash in hand of €400.87

4.Summer Camp Out Weekend – 23rd to 25th June 2017
46 are now on the list as going. Stiffany said that she needs to receive the money from anyone that has not yet paid. The cost is €45 per person, plus €12 per night per plot.
Stifanny suggested that the shirts for the event might be changed to proper running  
Shirts. Stiffany will review the existing orders and consider making the change.

50 patches will be ordered and Stiffany 

Schedule of Events for the Camp Out….. 
Friday night - 1800 Registration and bar open
2000 Food (chicken and salad, veggie option, wine)

Saturday - 0830 Continental breakfast
1400 Run
1900 On on

Sunday - 0830 Continental breakfast
1100 Run
1430 On on (lunch at hashers’ own expense)

Stiffany would appreciate suggestions for Hash Games. Desperate Dan has kicked things off with ‘Dead Ants’.


5. End of Summer Ball
To be held on Friday 15 September 2017 with the theme of ‘Space’. This can be anything space-related e.g. spaced out, Star Wars, Lost in Space etc.
Venue is Valparaiso restaurant and the cost is €35 per person, to cover cocktails, and the meal 
The start time is 1930 for 2000.
The money needs to start coming in from attendees.

6. Red Dress Run 6th to 8th October 
There is a separate committee handling this. We need to set date Henrietta please
Sweet and Low requires the wording from Aquasex for the poster.

7. Halloween Run
This will be on Sunday 29 October 2017 at the caves in Ojen and is being organised by Just Say When

8. Christmas Ball
On Friday 8 December 2017 at El Chaparral.
Cost of €35 per person to cover aperitifs, cava , in the private function room so that awards can be handed out +3 course meal in main restaurant with music 
There will also be an awards ceremony.

9. AOB Euro Hash
There is a separate committee for this 
A specific web page is required for this event. Mijas H3 has been offered the existing  
Euro Hash site for their use. 5 Knuckle Shuffle agreed to investigate the feasibility of  
using the existing site rather than creating something from scratch.

The event is proposed to be held in the first week of May 2019 – the same time as the Feria de los Pueblos - and would coincide with the 30th anniversary of Mijas H3.

Sir Flakey and Lee Marvin felt strongly that the presentation bid for the Euro Hash should be on the basis of a total limit of 300 participants. Assuming 60 Mijas hashers, this obviously only leaves 240 spaces for other Hashes. This is far lower than the limit proposed during the separate Euro Hash Committee meeting. The 300 limit proposal was put to the vote, however, and was the decision of the majority.

Next Meetings
- One to be held on Friday 23 June 2017, at the Camp Out 
- Regular committee meeting on Monday 3rd July 2017 at 1900
- Euro Hash Committee to meet Monday 5th June 2017 at 1900






Apologies         Dogsie, Flakey, Kindergarten Kop & Megasaurass


Attendance       Pussy Galore, Aquasex, Sweet & Lo, Streaky, Community Chest, Just Say                                                               

                          When & Mummy’s Boy


            Minutes of the previous meeting were approved (by default!).


1.      Hash Cash noted that the average weekly attendance had been in excess of thirty for the month which had helped our bank balances. She reported that we had €3,500 on deposit, €1,396 in the bank and €288 in the cash box. It was noted that Streaky had saved money by buying at Carrefore, whereas others had run out of beer and bought at the local petrol station. There should be no excuses for running out in normal times


2.     Hareline reported that runs to 11th June had hares. Beyond that were open  and Streaky was to speak to Stiffany about a possible pool run in July / August. Just Say When was volunteered to do a Haloween Run, which would be Ghoulish and run around the caves of Ojen. No coaches at €355 but a small allowance to be agreed.


3.      Haberdashery reported €436 of Normal stock, €146 of Discounted stock and €298 cash. She was commended on her efforts as with sales of €38 the cash balance had improved by circa €150. Well done.

T shirts / Polo shirts had been ordered for the AGM run at a cost of €534.60 for the 44 shirts. These would be available on the 5th May. These would be FOC to regular Hashers whose orders would have priority.


4.   Summer Camp Weekend 23rd -26th June

Camping at Lake Negretin, Freila near Baza, where the landscape was somewhat Grand Canyon like had been selected. Hares for the Sat. Run were Stiffany / Just Say When and  Flakey / Mummy’s Boy for the Sunday. Cost of the weekend excluding accommodation would be €45. This included Fri. Night, 2 breakfasts, Sat. Night dinner, 2 run fees and a T shirt. Camping was an extra €12 per night for two people with a car and a tent. 42 people were on the list to date.


           End of Summer Ball – 16th September at Valparaiso. The theme was about Space -    

           Star Wars, Out of Space, Spaced Out, Lost in Space............ Golden Cascade to confirm                        b         booking and price – normally €35.


Red Dress Run W’knd – 6th to 8th Oct. Activity on this event would mainly start after 28th May which was the walk / run for the Galgos out at Alhaurin de la Torre where the dog kennels were. It would be promoted on that run where a no. of Mijas “old farts” had been invited.


Christmas Ball – Friday 8th Dec. A no. of options were discussed and it was unanimously agreed we should have it at El Chapparel which was under new ownership / management and was getting good reviews (used by the Classic Car Club). An excellent menu for €35 included music, cava and canopies and a private room was available upstairs where we could start the night and have presentations etc. Streaky was going to the CCC dinner on Tuesday next and would book.


Their being no other business the next meeting was scheduled for Tues 30th May, which would be under the new Committee. Apologies from Just Say When and Mummy’s Boy, if selected, who would be touring Ireland.








Committee Meeting 28th March 2017 Hoyo 19 7pm

Present:-  Pussy, Mummy,s Boy, Just Say When, Sticky Tart, Aqua Sex, Sir Flaky, Sweet and Low,

Mega Sore Arse.

Apologies:- Glyn, Kim, Pia, Cees, Alan,

1.Hash Cash

€537.06 Cash

€1047.10 Bank

€3500.00 On Deposit

Noted that we have

€3.50 Each Transfer charge + €24.00 A Quarter Bank Charges

€5084.61 Total

2.Hare Line

16 th April Easter Run Steph Frank

7th May Sweet and Low plus another person TBA


Stock in hand €479.00

Discount stock €178.00

Sub Total €657.00

After additions and subtractions from new stock and printing €49.00 to be paid into bank (Pussy)

4. A G M

Quick Sand to pursue T-shirt design “Donkey Kicking Beer”

Men polo shirts, Ladies  T-shirt

5. Summer Camp

Carnival Theme  Cost €12 per pitch per day for 2 persons car and electricity.

See attached itinerary from Frank

Breakfast €2.00 per person ( Need Couple to arrange who ? TBA)

Saturday Dinner €15.00 per person includes half bottle of wine

€45.00 per person for weekend

Sunday lunch pay as you go not included

Entertainment to be arranged (ESB)

T-shirts Steph

Hares travel cost €50.00 petrol money

22 people already interested.

6. Summer Ball 16th September

Venue Valparasio Restaurant. (Tracy to book)

Theme “Outer Space” “Spaced Out”

€35.00 per person.

7. Red Dress Run

Run fees €50.00 for whole weekend Sat €20 Sun €20 €10 for tee shirt, patches additional cost.

40 collection tins to have charity sticker attached

Henrietta to speak to Pogs

Invisible dog leads.

8. AOB

Allowance for Bunny Run €15.00

Allowance for themed runs €15 to be agreed in advance

Date next meeting 25th April 2017







Committee Meeting 28 February 2017

At La Heradura Restauraunte

Present – Pussy GM, Fakey RA, Sweet and Low HC, Community Chest H, Dogs Bollocks WM, Aquasex Kindergarden HL, Megasaurarse HS, Streaky, Mummies Boy, Just Say When, Lee Marvin

1 Hash Cash – in box 299.85€ – Bank Account 1070.49€ – 3500€ on deposit
expenses – 471.90€ for new runs badges, AGM gifts special badges

2 Haberdashery – stock in hand 466€, discounted stock 158€, total stock value (an addition of the two) 624€, cash in hand 162€, 200€ currently held by Pussy to be passed on to Haberdashery 72 paid to Sir Flakey for rest of hash socks, balance held by GM 128euros .

3 Hareline – fully booked until 4 June with the exception of 6 May vacant
Sweet and Low suggested to Hareliners to remind people 2 weeks before it's their turn

4 AGM upcoming - decision to provide T-shirts in 2 styles – male polo shirt and female low cut (but hey … what about our LGBT community, how are they gona choose?) possible designs to be brought to next meeting
In order to facilitate a smoothly run AGM with the minimum of time wasting, positions and those willing to fill them were discussed ... with the following outcomes -
GM – Pussy
Assistant GM – Mummies Boy
RA's - Flakey, Colonic, Dipper
Arch Dicon - Megasaurarse
Hash Cash – Streaky
Assistant HC – Sweet and Low
Haberdashery – Community Chest + Assistant REQUIRED
Hare line – Aqua Sex and Kindergarden
Hon Sex – Kindergarden + assistant REQUIRED
Choir Boy – Justin
Piss Pourer – Swiss Roll
Dogs bodies REQUIRED

5 Campout – Flakey reported on extensive reccying on return from Javea … result –
both this years and next years Camp Outs organised … to be near to Baza, beyond Granada, a two and a quarter hours drive from the Costa suggestions (only at this stage) for this year's theme - nautical/pirates

6 End of Summer Ball – to be 9 or 16 Sept

7 Red Dress Run – 6 to 8 Oct
Fri – pub Crawl,
Sat - Run and on on at Haza del Algarrobo, Casa Danesa on Mijas road
Sunday – Red Dress Run, on on meal and concert (various artists in prospect to appear) venue to be announced, ( Fuengirola bull ring and another couple of ideas mentioned)
Costings … Sat – 20e Run fee + on on, Sun - 35€ Run fee + T-shirt + on on + concert, total 55€
Charity - Plight of the Spanish Galgos, representative from charity present, 30 collecting tins with logo and CIF number to be available by this weekend
Publicity and Sponsorship – possibility of double page spread in Euro Weekly (Aqua Sex), posters to be organised (Sweet and Low), sponsorship discussed

Morroco Hash weekend - Fri 5 to Mon 8 May
Mummies Boy organising, info emails sent,
contact Lee Marvin for more info (ie. if he doesn't have your email)

Next meeting to be 28 March



Committee Meeting 24th January 2017

Present:- Pussy Galore GM  Sir Flakey, Just Say When, Mummies Boy, Willy Wanker,  Aqua Sex, Sticky Tart, Lee Marvin,  Dogsey, Mega Sore Arse.

Apologies Community Chest, Golden Cascade, Kinder Garden Cop.

1.Hash Cash

Bank            €1545.89

Deposit      €3500.00

Cash Box   €142.98

2. Haberdashery

In Stock                    €402.00

Socks                        €192.00

Sale                           €192.00

Cash                         €122.05

€200 waiting IZZY received with thanks

Badges to be ordered by GM

20x 25 & 50 Runs,

10x 150 & 200 & 400 Runs

5 x 700 & 750 Runs

200 runs badge for Gang Bang

3.        Valentine’s  Ski Run Weekend

10th- 13th February 2017 (14 Going) Hare Mummies boy

4.         Javier  weekend  17th to 19th

5.    Hare Line

29th January M S A Sir Flakey, Stiffanny

5th February Up your Bum and Dogsey

12th February Shaggy and Yogi

14th May A G M Run Pussy Galore and Mummies Boy

25th June Camp Out  Sir Flakey and Stiffanny

4  Red Dress Run 6th 7th 8th October in aid of Golgoes Animal Welfare

Hares Aqua Sex,

Possible Tennis Tournament at Darrell’s Tennis Academy

Posters to be organised by S&L

Raffle Prizes sorted,  Goody bag

This year s Red Dress Run will be solely organised by Mijas

Next meeting Tuesday 28thFebruary


Mijas H3 Mismanagement 2016- 2017 

Committee Meeting December  28th 2016


Jacqueline, Letteke, Terry, Frank, Stephanie, Henrietta, Kim, Clive


Glynn, Tracey, Cees, Alan

1.       Hash Cash


Cash in box              €165.80

On deposit               €3500.00

Bank                          €1545.89


100 Run badge Stitched up

200 Run badges  and 20 euros for present for  Yogi, Shagadelic, Justin

300 Run badges  30 euros for present Gang bang, Sweet and low.


2.       Haberdashery


Stocktake to be done

Need to order more stock

Meeting this coming Tuesday 3rd Jan at Jacquelines office with Terry and Kim to look at stock requirements etc.

Isi €200 Haberdashery need it back


3.       Hare Line


1st January New Years Day  Shagadelic


8th January Colonic “Rememberence Day” Flakey to create a collage of past hashers.


15th January Jerry Can, Sweet and low


22nd January


29th January “Chinese New Year Run” Sir Flakey and Siffany.


A G M Run 14th May Pussy Galore; Mummies Boy ?.


Henrietta to produce a Hare Line calendar for the whole year for runs, identifying 

Hares, themed runs etc.  This will give all hashers the opportunity to put forward their name and time to plan their prospective run.


4.       AOB

Sir Flakey Summer Camp possibly San Roque June 18th


Next meeting Tuesday24th January 7.00pm normal venue.


Hash Committee Meeting 25th October 2016

1. GM:-          Jacqueline

Present:-  Izzy, Alan, Kim, Letteke, Clive

Apologies:-  Flakey, Justin, UYB, Roxana, Streaky, Glyn.

2.Hash Cash

Cash            €274.50

Bank           €1723.15

Deposit      €3500.00

(Profit from May this year €200.00)

 €1230.00 Given from payments for Red dress Run

€75.00       From badge sales RDR

€1283.86 From tins on the day

Total raised for children’s home €2588.86


€300.00 in purse

€70.00 loss from badges

Sweat shirts for 200 runs sticky tart still waiting

Quick sand and aphrodisiac still waiting for their own clothes back

Jose to be sorted by Pussy regarding 1500 run badges.

Gang Plank  397 runs needs item for his 400th Run = €40.00 

4.Hare Line

6th November Egg Shell Blond  and Pussy galore

13th November Big Mac

20th Pussy  Galore and Tim No Name

27th Gang bang and Pepper Grinder 

5.New Members

Only Admin can add “New members “ to Face Book. Needs to be tightened up.

WhatsApp group to agree “New membership”

If people need information on the Hash they need to visit the Hash web site, not the Face Book Page. 

6. 1500 Run and Christmas Ball

Saturday  :-             17th December 2016  (1499 Run)

Hare:-                       Just Say When

Time of run:-          12/13.00 aprrox

Venue:-                   Close to Puerto de sol Hotel

Christmas Themed 1500 Ball to be at the Valparaiso. 7.30 Canapes for 8pm

Sunday                    18th December 2016-10-27 (1500 Run)

Hare:-                      Flakey

Time:-                      3.00 pm

Venue:-                    Hotel      

 (In the Minutes from a previous committee meeting it had been agreed that those Hashers who had attended over ten runs this year would benefit from a discount for the meal)
sweet and Low organising poster with Ideas for dress code

Price per head   €35.00   (€10.00 discount for regular hashers 10 or more runs this year)

Prizes t be awarded for :  

    A. Best run of the year

     B. Best New comer

     C. Hash Shit of the year

     D.  Most Hared

     E. Get a Life Award

     F. Best fancy dress 

7. Rota Santa Run 3rd December

8. Christmas Day Run still open
     NYD Run also open 

9. Javea/ Costa Blanca  Run

 17th to 19th February 2017 Alicante and Valencia

IZZy  to put on Mijas website (To be Announced in the Circle)


10.Next Committee Meeting

Just for a change as some committee members such as Just in and Kinder Garden Cop have asked for the meeting to be on a different day so they can attend, so the next committee meeting will be at the same venue on Saturday 26th November at 12.00 noon everybody welcome.


Committee Meeting 27th September 2016

GM  ;-      Jackie

Present  :-      Isi, Flakey, Trevor, Martin, Gwen, Lettika, Aqua sex, Kim, Clive

Apologies:-    UYB,  Dogsey, Golden Cascade, Justin, KGC, Streaky.

Red Dress Run Saturday (Lee Marvin)

All Ok meet at Fire Station close to Miramar at 4.00pm. Beer allocation 3 cans plus soft drinks etc.

Menu for ON ON sorted numbers approx 50 people.

 (It was also agreed by all present to give Lynn a RED Dress T shirt.)

Hash Cash

Cash   350€ On Deposit   3500.00€ Bank account 2761.17€  (1245.00€ Red Dress Run)

110.00€ in cash,


Cash In Kitty  370.00€

Lots of Summer wear

New stock arriving  socks in

Patches for red dress run ordered  5.00€

Hare Line

16th October open

30th October Sir Flakey Halloween run

6th November TBA

Away Hash

Sir Flakey spoke about a possible away run for 30th October 2016, ultimately it was decided in view of the time factor etc to put it back until next year and have it coincide with the AGM by which time interest numbers etc can be determined.



Red Dress Run Sponsors

City Radio, Coriander Free meal for 2

Pub crawl to sponsor, bottles of wine, whisky, money, Holiday to be raffled.

Friday 7th October at 6.00pm meet up at Hotel Fuengirola to greet visitors from abroad it was asked for all committee members to make an effort to attend even if for just a short time.

1500 Run 17th 18th December 2016

Just say when to organise the run on 17th December

Sir Flakey to organise 18th December

Overnight stay at Hotel El Puerto Provisionally booked.

Lettika and Martin to check out Mijas Hotel, Valparaiso and Puerto del Sol for OnOn

50 patches to be ordered. 5.00€ each

Christmas Day Run

Details tba

Possibly book Curry house for on on


February 17th to 19th away run

Valencia, Costa Blanca, Madrid.

6 ˝ hour drive to venue form here.

At the moment flights 85.00€

Accommodation prices tba.


On hash runs Lettika (hash cash) has the first aid kit

Numbers of beers and stock to be maintained details on stock levels are on “Hash web site”

Also tins and stock boxes must be kept clean at all times.



Committee Meeting 30th August 2016

GM:- Pussy


Streaky, Up Your Bum, Dogsy, Golden Cascade, Community Chest, Lee Marvin, Is He In Yet,

Aqua Sex, Mega Sore Arse.


Kinder Garden Cop.

Hash Cash

€3,500 On deposit          

 €2050.51 in bank includes €450 for Red Dress Run 

 €425.66 in cashbox


€350 in purse

Next couple of weeks scouting for Winter ware

Will see about patches for Red Dress Run

Patches for 50, 200, and 400 runs

Hare Line

18th September Up your bum and Aqua Sex

25th September Oxana and Gang Bang

2nd October open.

Summer Ball

Everything arranged Cost €35.00 per person

Deposits and payment ASAP  so as to determine numbers



Red Dress Run

Cost for those attending both days €50.00 including T-shirt

Cost for one day €30.00 including T-shirt

The second design with the donkey and Bull fighter considered to be the best for T-shirt

The T-shirts are of one design for both men and women It was suggested the T-shirts be of larger sizes.

60 Badges to be ordered

Collecting tins had been made and given out to collect donations.

11 people have paid thus far.

Saturday On ON to be at “Ringos Restaurant”

Sundays ON ON to be at “Corriander Restaurant” (Previously Know as Fusion)

Raffle and Auction, prizes and sponsors required several suggestions were made and are being investigated Pussy noted those involved.

Run to be promoted through Radio Ka Ka and City Radio.

1500 Run 18th December


Golden Cascade to look at the design for badges and will send out examples for feedback.

Awaiting details from Mummys Boy.

Sub committee to meet closer to the time of event


Not discussed.


Is He In Yet to hold onto large cooler box until required for Red Dress Run

Meeting closed

Next Meeting 27th September 2016



Meet the new (ish...) mismanagement!

GM - Jizzical Ferk
Grand Mattress - Pussy Galore
R.A. - Sir Flakey
Ass. R.A. - Just In
Archdickin - Colonic Irrigation
Choir Boys - Just In & Pussy Galore
On Sex - Kindergarden Cop
Ass. On Sex - MegaSoreArse
Hash Cash - Sweet and Low
Ass. Hash Cash - Streaky
Webmaster - Dogsy 
Haberdashery - Izzy in Yet
Ass. Haberdashery - Sticky Tart
Hareline - Up yer Bum
Ass. Hareline - Aquasex
Hash Flash - Aeroflaps
Piss Pourer - Swiss Roll
General Dogs Bodies - Golden Cascade, Community Chest, Gangbang, Eggshell Blond?, Mummy's Boy and Just Say When.




(Daffas Tribute page + Funeral pics)     

Xmas 2007 Pictures     1000th Run Pictures     Summer Ball 2008   Xmas Party 2008

                                                                                                       New Years Eve Pictures




Javea Pics  


 The continued lack of respect by many dog owners for the Hash was raised at this weeks' mis-management committee meeting and the following  was agreed with immediate effect.

If owners bring their dog/s they will not  be allowed near the circle at the beginning of the run or after the run, not even on a lead! They can either be in a vehicle or tied to a vehicle/tree and furthermore during the run a reasonable degree of control should be exercised. The Hash does not have insurance for dogs causing accidents!

Apologies to the innocent canines and their owners.

Fender Bender   Click for tribute page.

Summer Ball 2010

Xmas Hash Party 2010: The alternative Hash bash that even the torrential rain couldn´t spoil  Cranny Faddock´s Pics Doffodildos Pics





MIJAS H3 Down Down Songs(to be memorised)

Melody - Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz

Dear Lord, won't you give me a ride to the beer,
My friends are all drinking, and I'm stuck out here,
I'll ride in a Chevy, a Ford or a truck,
If you drive me there I'll throw in a f…. down, down, down, down . . .

Melody - Brady Bunch Theme Song

Here's the story,
Of a thirsty hasher,
Who was running at the back of the pack.
Every bad trail that there was,
Well he found it.
He must have ran for miles!

It's the story,
Of some sacred nectar,
That was chilling with a mind of its own.
It was one beer,
Sitting in the cooler,
Yet it still had no foam.

'Till the circle,
When the hasher met the nectar.
And he knewwww it just couldn't stick around.
That's when his shorts went down around his ankles
And the beer became a down down down down down!

Melody - From the Mary Poppins Song

Late one evening, out by the pond
My fairy Godmother went nuts with her wand
She fucked up the words, she was half in the bag
Now the pumpkin’s a sumo who dresses in drag.
Chim Chiminey Chim Chiminey Chim Chim Churee
I’ve got the balls of a rhino, the dick of a flea
Chim Chiminey, Chim Chiminey, Chim Chim Churoo
I can see by your face that she fucked you up too.
I may not have much, but it’s enough to fuck you… So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - Do Your Balls Hang Low?

Does a hasher like to walk,
Does a hasher like to run,
Does a hasher like to be where they're having all the fun?
Can he drink a ton a beer,
While his friends all sing and cheer,
Now your time has come.
So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - Row, Row, Row your Boat

Down Down Down your beer,
To pay for your crime.
Quit complaining about the taste,
There's no sperm in it, this time. Down down down


Melody - The Addams Family

Their drinking is compulsive and
Their running is convulsive,
They're morally repulsive,
The Hash House Harriers.

Da da da da (snap fingers twice)
Da da da da (snap fingers twice)
Da da da da, da da da da, da da da da

Their flatulence is rude and
Their genitals protrude when
They're running in the nude in
The Hash House Harriers.

They're always shiggy tracking
From constantly bush-whacking,
Intelligence they're lacking,
The Hash House Harriers.

Da da da da, Down Down, etc . . .


God bless the hares, hallowed be there names. Their hash be laid on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily Beer. And forgive us our sins, as we also forgive those who sin on us. And lead us not unto temptation to Short-Cut; but deliver us to the On-In. For the beer is cold, and the Pack is thirsty, for ever and ever,



Melody - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Her left tit hangs down to her belly,
Her right tit hangs down to her knee.
If her left tit did equal her right tit,
She'd get lots of weenie from me.
Drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - Lumberjack Song

He's a hasher, he's okay,
Works all day, comes out to play,
Drinks it down without complaint,
Or he wears it well.
Drink it!
Wear it!
Drink it!
Wear it!
etc . . .


Melody - Itself

He's the meanest,
He sucks the horse's penis,
He's the meanest,
He's a horse's ass.

All he does is pound it,
Ever since he found it,
He's the meanest,
He's a horse's ass.
So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody – Itself

He wanks his crank in the morning
He wanks his crank in the night
He wanks his crank with his left hand
and he cleans it up with his right.

So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

His one skin hangs down to his two skin,
His two skin hangs down to his three,
His three skin hangs down to his foreskin,
His foreskin hangs down to his knee.
Drink it down, down, down . . .

Roll back, roll back,
Roll back his foreskin for him, for him.
Roll back, roll back,
Please roll back his foreskin for him.

His body lies over the ocean,
His body lies over the sea,
His father lies over his mother,
And that's how they created him.


Melody - If You're Happy And You Know It

If you're a drunkard and you know it, raise your glass!
If you're a drunkard and you know it, raise your glass!
If you're a drunkard and you know it,
(slurred)Then your slurring will surely show it.
If you're a drunkard and you know it, raise your glass!


Melody - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Note: gestures accompany words

I looked over Jordan and what did I see,
Coming for to carry me home,
A band of angels coming after me,
Coming for to carry me home.

Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home,
Swing low, sweet chariot,
Coming for to carry me home.

I'm sometimes up and sometimes down,
Comin' for to carry me home,
But still my soul feels heavenly bound.
Comin' for to carry me home.

If you get there before I do,
Coming for to carry me home,
Tell all my friends that I'm coming too,
Coming for to carry me home.
(repeat with variations: humming and motions only, silence and motions only, double-time)


Melody - It's a Small World

Well it isn't long and it isn't thick,
It gets hard too slow and it cums too quick,
It gers lost in her twat,
But it's all that he's got,
It's a small, small, dick.

It's a small dick after all,
It's a small dick after all,
Always limp from alcohol,
It's a small, small, dick!


Melody - Flintstones Theme

Hashers, meet the hashers,
They're the biggest drunks in history,
From the town of Mijas,

They're the leaders in debauchery.
Half minds, on the piss throughout the year,
Watch them as they down down lots of beer,
Down down, down down down down,
Down down down down down down down down down,
Down down, down down down down,
Down down down down down down down down down.

Melody - Looney Tunes Theme

You seem somewhat forgetful,
Remind you? Maybe this'll,
Next time you come, don't be so dumb,
Just bring your fucking whistle!

Down, down,down



Our Lager
Which art in barrels,
Hallowed be thy drink.
Thy will be drunk,
I will be drunk,
At home as in the tavern.
Give us this day our foamy head,
And forgive us our spillages,
As we forgive those who spill against us.
And lead us not into incarceration,
But deliver us from hangovers.
For thine is the Beer, The Bitter, and the Lager,


Melody - Auld Lang Syne

Piss off, ya wank, piss off, ya wank,
Piss off, ya wank, piss off,
Piss off, ya wank, piss off, ya wank,
Piss off, ya wank, piss off.


Melody - Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

Hello COL-ON-IC  my old friend,
I've got you up my ass again.
Well, you know you make my asshole itch.
These oozing sores are such fukin  bitch.
And the words of the doctor did chill my aching bones
now just sex alone,

This is the sound………….. of piles! So drink it down, down, down . .


Melody - Ring Around the Rosie

Ring around the rosie;
A pocket full of posies;
You fucked-up;
You fucked-up;
Now drink it down, drink it down, down, down . . .



We call upon __________
To give us a song.
So sing, you fucker, sing!
And if you don't sing
You can show us your bits.
We don't want to see your moldy old bits!
So sing, you fucker, SING!



Melody - My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

They ought to be publicly pissed on,
They ought to be publicly shot,
They ought to be tied to a urinal,
And left there to fester and rot,
Drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - Ta-Rah-Rah-Boom Te-Aay

This is your Down-Down song,
It isn't very long. . . . So drink it down, down, down . . .



Melody - Ball of Ballyknure

Four and twenty (or however many there are) virgins,
Came out to this old hash,
And when the hash was over,
There were four and twenty less.

Singing, balls to your partner,
Arse against the wall.
If ye canna get laid at this old hash
Ye'll never get laid at all.

This fine young virgin SHE was there,
She had drank a bit too much,
Showing us her titties,
But sayin' we couldna touch.

This cocky virgin HE was there,
Drinking Old Milwaukee's Best,
Showing the girls his tiny dick,
The girls they weren't impressed.

This other virgin SHE was there,
Talkin' 'bout givin' head,
But when it came to swallowin',
She would spit instead.

This other virgin HE was there,
Askin' 'bout toe sucks,
The harriettes frowned and then they said,
"What do you want for three bucks?"

The other virgin SHE was there,
Givin' us all a great view,
While dancing on the table,
She said she'd do the crew.

This other virgin HE was there,
Getting drunk as he could be,
And by the time the circle broke up,
He'd pissed a gallon of pee.

This fine young virgin SHE was there,
With legs all firm and tan,
Her shorts rode up her ass so tight,
They squeaked whenever she ran.



Melody - Auld Lang Syne

We're here because there’s Beer,
Because there’s Beer,
Because there’s Beer,
We're here because there’s Beer,
Because there’s Beer,
Because there’s Beer. . . So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - Frere Jacques

 We've got virgins, We've got virgins,
At our hash, At our hash,
Gonna get'em drunked up, Gonna get'em fucked up,
Down the hatch, Up the ass,
So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - Come Let Us Adore Him

Why are we waiting,
Could be fornicating (masturbating, etc),
Oh, why are we waiting,
So fucking long, etc . . . So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - Itself

Why was he born so beautiful?
Why was he born at all?
He's no fuckin' use to anyone,
He's no bloody use at all.
So drink it down, down, down . . .


Melody - 1st verse: Itself
2nd verse: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

Why was she born so beautiful?
Why was she born a bitch?
She's no bloody use to anyone,
She's only got one tit.
So drink it down, down, down . .


YOU ARE OUR (GM, RA, Hash Flash, whoever!)
Melody - You Are My Sunshine

You are our _______, our only ______,
You make us happy when skies are bleak.
You'll never know you twat, how much we hate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            you, Please stop coming to the Hash every week.
Drink it down, down, down . . .

 Posted 31st Oct
Sailors Needed
Please contact Jacqueline ( Pussy Galore)
Anyone that would like to visit Barry (Two Pies) in Antigua and have a sailing trip at the same time, sailing date around the 10th December depending on the prevailing winds..
Fly out to Trinidad help my Uncle sail his boat up to Antigua and then fly back from there..
Yacht sleeps 8..
Doggy Hash - October 3rd

Daffodildos Photos

Posted 20th Sept  - Summer Ball 2010

Summer Ball 2010-Letteke´s Photos



Posted 20th August 2010 - Barry and Kath´s Wedding



Posted 20th July 2010


Posted 30th June 2010

Your committee has decided that the Mijas H3 should have more environmental awareness especially with regard to the provision of water on hash runs.  In the summer months our consumption of water in small plastic bottles can be in excess of 120 bottles on a hash day and this is considered both wasteful and non eco friendly due to plastic not being bio degradable.

 We are currently resourcing suitable containers in order that hashers may bring their own water to the runs, when these are available the current practice of providing water in small bottles will be phased out. However water will still be available for top up from larger containers and a few small bottles will be available for visitors.

 We trust you will fully understand our reasoning and you will support this decision accordingly.

Posted 13th April 2010

Tommy passed away 5th April today after a long battle against cancer.

The funeral took place on Wednesday 7th April in Marbella.

On-on Limp-toed - a great hasher, we´ll all miss him.


Sorry to here the sad news of a fellow Hasher.
Tom was a really nice genuine guy
Bruce and Jean
H.M.V / Nipper


What sad news about this lovely man who was a gentle caring person to all hashers around him

 - We will miss him lots
on on up Limp T. S.
Mummy' and Veuve


Very sad news. Limp-toed was a smashing bloke and always someone I looked forward to seeing whenever I went hashing

 - He will be very much missed.



very sorry to hear about Tommy. He was a hasher through and through. I trust that you will give him a good send off.
 Love Lilo x


Just learned of Tommy's passing. I'd appreciate your conveying my condolences to his family.
Roger Dains (EA & Shmoosky)


So sorry to hear about limps death. Also sorry can´t make the funeral as i am still in England.



I am sorry to hear that Tommy had died.

 I have some photos of him as you might want to use in MijasH3 website.


Take care



Tom Steele, shipmates in 1978 on HMS HECATE and buddies since.  

His motto was "Run all day and drink all night".  Our bicycles hung together in the hangar. 

An all round sportsman and good guy.  Former landlord, fellow sportsman and "Run ashore oppo". 

 I believe I influenced his decision to retire to Spain.  Our Andalucian pilgrimages will not be the same.

 Extremely health conscious, but too many asbestos lagged engine-room refits have caught up with him. 

 My white ensign is at half mast.

 Bobby the Bionic Biro

Hashless in Guardamar del Segura


CBS News video of the hash

More photos of the 20th anniversary Friday night at The Bell & Bottle

Posted July 2009 - From HMV
The following may be of interest to all you Music Lovers out there.
Go on to YOU TUBE then put in paydirt productions pubs and clubs
You will then see a nice funky Video of a Band i used to play with in the U.K. The band is called HIREM/FIREM .
We mainly played Blues,foot tapping,mind blowing after a few jars stuff.
Hope you like it.
Hang Loose
Rock On
The old Rocker

Posted July 2009 - US military don't like the Hash!!

Report recommends making Hash events off-limits to troops

By David Allen, Stars and Stripes
Pacific edition, Saturday, March 6, 2004
CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa — The president of Okinawa’s Armed Forces Disciplinary Board has issued a report charging a local running club with behavior violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice and detrimental to relations between the U.S. military and Japan.
In his letter to U.S. military commands on Okinawa, Marine Col. Richard C. Dunn recommended they consider prohibiting participation in Okinawa Hash, or OH3, which advertises itself as a “drinking club with a running problem.”
The disciplinary board can place areas or establishments off limits; since the club is neither, Dunn can only make recommendations to local commanders. However, he added, for that same reason, individual commands may bar the running club without awaiting further disciplinary board action.
The report, which was obtained by Stars and Stripes and verified by Marine officials, comes in the wake of a lieutenant’s dismissal from the Marine Corps for conduct unbecoming an officer. He was found guilty of adultery, nude running and swimming in public, and inappropriate fraternization with enlisted in Hash-related runs and events.
A Marine public affairs officer said Dunn’s letter was to “assist commanders in effectively ensuring that all members of our military community on Okinawa abide by their respective service’s core values and that we proudly represent our nation as true ambassadors while stationed in a foreign country.”
Dunn’s letter was a follow-up to the disciplinary board’s Feb. 11 report on the Okinawa Hash. The report indicated the running club’s events, and participation and membership in the club, “adversely affect the welfare and good order and discipline of members of the Armed Forces.”
Dunn noted that “adverse conduct during and after OH3 events includes violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, violations of Japanese laws, violations of each service’s traditions, customs, and courtesies, and conduct that is detrimental to our relationship with the host nation.
“Many of the members of OH3 participate in underground Hash runs (UGH runs) in which the participants run naked,” he wrote. “After OH3 events, many participants, including officers and enlisted members of various ranks, overindulge in the consumption of alcoholic beverages at parties and campouts.”
Dunn said conduct after the runs included indecent exposure and indecent acts, “most notably the touching of genitalia in public and the performance of mock sex acts.”
He also said the club’s members assign each other nicknames that are “normally overtly sexually suggestive.”
“The atmosphere created in OH3 is fraught with fraternization whereby the members do not respect the differences between ranks,” his report stated. Dunn wrote that the club inappropriately listed members on its Web site by their Hash nicknames and e-mail addresses, many of which were from official military e-mail accounts.
“The official e-mail addresses listed along with the sexually suggestive nicknames … tend to portray the military organizations in an unacceptable manner,” Dunn reported.
The information, with what the Marine colonel described as “sexually suggestive” photos, later were removed from the Web site.
Overall, though, the Okinawa Hash has resisted opportunities to change, Dunn said.
“Recent statements of the OH3 members at various administrative and judicial hearings indicate they fail to accept that the conduct in question is unacceptable,” Dunn wrote.
Two enlisted Marines, one a former club president, or “Hash Master,” were reprimanded at “competency review boards” in the past month for their participation in the Okinawa Hash.
Marine officials declined to discuss the hearings.
“These are administrative procedures that are not releasable to the public in order to protect the privacy of the servicemember,” said 1st Lt. A.G. Eskalis, a Marine public affairs officer.
Members of the Okinawa Hash claim they’re being singled out for the bad conduct of just a few members.
“It’s gotten crazy,” said a Navy chief and former Hash Master. “One of our members was chastised by his command because of a Halloween photo we had up on the Web site. He was dressed as a woman, so they were asking him if he was a transsexual or gay. It was Halloween.”
“Other people are being ordered by their commands not to take part in the runs, as if we do anything other social clubs don’t,” the chief told Stripes on the condition of anonymity. “Is anybody looking at the Masons? Or the base rugby teams? What we do at the hash is all tongue-in-cheek and a lot of fun. They’re trying to make us out to be some kind of drunken swingers club.”
Dunn stated the type of conduct he found in the Okinawa Hash was unacceptable for servicemembers involved with any private organizations, “especially when doing so presents a potential embarrassment to the United States in a foreign country.”
“For these reasons, the AFDCB recommends that each component commander on Okinawa take appropriate measures to ensure membership and participation in private organizations such as OH3 is consistent with the conduct expected of our service members,” he wrote.
“Such measures might include an appropriate order prohibiting membership,” he stated.

Posted May 2009 - The New Mis-management

GM - Dipper

Asst GM - Mummies Boy
G Mattress - Stiff
RA - Flakey
Archdickone - Colonic
Archdicktwo - Eggshell Blond
Hash Cash - Golden Cascade
Asst Cash - Kindergarten Cop
On Sex - Veuve Clitot
Asst Sex - Streaky
Hash Flash - Karma
Webmaster - Dogsy
Haberdashery - Gobbi
Haremeister - Fender
Committee Members - Lilo,Shaggy,Hobble

Posted April 2009 - The Moroccan Experience

Run no. 1 – Joining Rabat Hash

 The Run started in the woods and went to the sea front. It continued along the beach and roads of the sea front. A profound cock-up … the Hares had set too long a run with few checks and splits and so the pack became totally spread out. Only a few reached the original, distant beer stop and so a second, less distant stop was hastily set up. The On In was a long and boring walk back along the busy main road. To the surprise of the Mijas hashers the Run was awarded a majority thumbs up (they Rabat system of judgement). Thereafter in the guise of R A Batman (ie dressed as Batman) our own Colonic Irrigation gave various Mijas Harriers down, downs, followed by the RA from the Rabat Hash.

In the evening was the Hash Ball which was an outstanding event, with the most incredible dance music. It would appear that all Moroccans can dance! The Rabat Hashers are clearly a crazy bunch with guys running and jumping onto rows of sitting girls (landing on theirs laps) and later landing on standing lines of pairs holding hands.

 Run no.2 – from Gite Aiss, near Mrirt, sounth of Fez

 An enthusiastic Hares, Septic Scrotum got up at 6.00 to set the Run. We set off in brilliant sunshine ascending a hill which from the summit gave great views of the surrounding plain and hills. A fascinating discovery was made on the way up – Willy Wankers Willy Warmer found a small tortoise among the scree. She immediately decided to keep it and it subsequently returned home with us – though smuggling it by the sniffer dogs at the border was a close run thing! The circle followed and included a payer to the dirty knickers (Gang Bangs actual knickers hanging on the window shutters) led by Colonic. The tortoise was thereafter christened “Casa Wanker”!



Posted Oct 1st 2008

On Wednesday, some of us who owned raincoats, donated, on behalf of the Mijas Hash, almost a tonne of dog food, which will last them for a month and will allow them to concentrate on vetenary care and so forth. There are more pictures on

On On
Fender Bender.


Current status of MijasH3 fund raising and dispersal

                                                                             Raised                        Paid                 Balance

i. 2005 Summer Ball for Aprona                           €1,930                            €1,930              €0

ii. 2006 Tamisa Hotel for Aprona                         €3,505.70                       €2,500              €1,005.70

iii.2006 Charity walk for Pads/Aprona                 €1,326                            €1,326              €0

iv.2007 Tamisa Hotel for Africa                            €3,285                            €1,600              €1685


                        TOTALS                                     €1046.70                       €7,356               €2,690.70


v. Sept 2008 paid to Cudeca                                                                     €1,000                €1,690.70

vi.Sept 2008 paid to Adimi                                                                        €1,000                  €690.70


Oct 2008 Mijas to donate €500 to the animal charity SOS 

  • Aprona is a childrens charity in Estepona
  • Pads is an animal care charity in Fuengirola
  • Africa charity is to support a school in Mombasa,Kenya, charity run by Mijas hashers Maureen and Aubrey
  • Cudeca is a Spanish cancer charity
  • Adimi is a disabled childrens charity operating in Mijas area
  • SOS is an animal charity in Alhaurin
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________
Posted Oct 1st

Aubrey & Maureen

We would like to say thank you for taking part & sponsoring the tombola at the H H H Summer Ball .We raised 285 euros which willgo together with the other money we have raised doing car boot sales twice a week , a Valantines Ball ,our own Summer Ball Dominoe Drives Horse Trecking, and other various themes.

Together we have raised nearly 10,000 euros which will all go ( nothing taken out ) to Kenya (Mombassa ) on Oct. 6th where it will be put in a bank account and go towards building the school,we started with 50 children 2 years ago and now it has got to 350 so there is plenty to do. Anyway Thank you all again


Mindy & S.& M


Posted Oct 1st

A week ago we (Gm, Ass Gm and Myself) presented a cheque to the charity Adimi for 1000€ at the Mijas Town Hall and as you can see by the photos, the local spanish tv 3,40 were there and we gave a small interview and it has already been televised . It was quite good, also we are in the local mijas newspaper

Hope you dont mind putting these pictures of us on the net in our 5 minutes of fame and glory.
Golden Cascade reporting from Mijas.




2 Pies - September 2008

* Mijas H3 have donated a further €1,000 from their charity fund to IDIMI, a Mijas based charity supporting disabled children in the area
*At the recent Mijas End of Summer Ball, Mindy and Maureen raised €285 towards their charity to assist a childrens school in Mombasa, Kenya
(We took photos of the Idimi presentation which we will forward to you - and we also apeared on the local television)


Sept 2008 - Mijas HHH donates 1000€ to Cudeca


New Committee Members May 2008

GM                                          Knockout `two pies`Neptune

Assist GM                               Spermaid

RA                                          Colonic Irrigation

Archdickin                              Dipper

On Sex                                    Stiff Fanny

Assist on sex                           Willy wankers willy warmer

Hash Cash                               Golden Cascade

Assist hash cash                      Willy Wanka

Haremeister                             Flakey

Haberdasher                            Gobbichov

Assistants                                Gobble Gobble / Putitin

Hash Flash                              Aphrodisiac

Assist hash flash                     Karma Chameleon

Hash Piss                                 Swiss Roll

Members without portfolio     Fender bender

                                                Cradle snatcher

                                                Dumb arse

Webmaster                              Dogsy


Mork & Mindy´s Charity Appeal.

Household & car boot type articles required urgently for a school in Mombassa.


Please telephone

Aubrey (Mindy) or Maurenn (S&M)

952 596 649

600 413 371

600 413 379

or Bring items to the hash.



AGM – 21 May 2007


The new Committee for 2007-2008 is as follows :-


GM – Flakey

AGM – Stiff Fanny

RA – Dipper

Arch Dicken – Septic Scrotum

Choirboy – Trailer Trash

Hash Cash – Willy Wanker

Asst Hash Cash – Hash Cash

On Sec – Big Bitch

Web – Dogs Bollocks

Haberdasher – Gobichov

Asst Haberdasher – Streaky

HAreline – Knockout Neptune

Hash Flash – Streak of Piss

Asst Hash Flash – Golden Cascade

Some New pics from Flanny Lip Sucker.
(Checkout that Arse!!!)


Xmas Party

Excellent choice of venue. Good food, hash acts & caberet.


Mijas to Alhaurin Walk 13th November.

Around 25 walkers gathered for the walk leaving from Mirador above Mijas for a 10:30 start.

4 hours later everyone turned up at Venta los morenos looking incredibly tired & cursing Mummy´s boy. Not sure what happened on the walk as I took the sensible option of Transport - pictures look nice though.




Ball Pictures going into HI magazine.


NEWS ITEM Posted 4th August
The Saudi Harriettes on their first run.

NEWS ITEM Posted 10th July

El Pulpo leaves Spain

NEWS ITEM Posted 28th June


25-26 Nov 2006 Old Coulsdon H3 1000th Run, Croydon MARCH 2007

16-18 March 2007 Pan Africa Hash, Maputo, Mozambique Flakey organizing MH3 trip plus 1st Port Elizabeth Run more details to follow JULY 2007

6-8 July 2007 German Nash Hash- Koblenz, Germany

13-15 July 2007 EuroHash 2007, Kingston-upon-Thames, London


NEWS ITEM Posted 18th May

AGM  6.0.p.m. Monday 15 May 2006


 Flakey, Golden Cascade, Karma Chrmeleon, Stiff Fanny, Bendover, Mummy’s Boy, Limp Toed Sloth, Willy Wanker,Willy Wanker’s Willy Warmer, Lilo Lil, Spitoon, Dogs Bollox

 Latecomers: Knockout Neptune, Hash Cash, Big Bitch.

 Apologies: Perv, Dipper, Gorbichov

 The new committee for 2006/2007 were proposed and seconded.  They are:

 Grand Master                           Mummy’s Boy

 Joint Grand Mattresses              Golden Cascade,  Stiff Fanny

 Religious Advisor                       Flakey

 Arch Dicken                                Limp Toed Sloth

 Choirboy                                    Dipper

 Hash Cash                                  Willy Wanker

 Assist Hash Cash                        Hash Cash 

On Secretary                                 Big Bitch

 Web Master                                  Dogs Bollox

 Assist Web Master                       Egg Shell Blond

 Hash Haberdashery                       Gorbichov

 Assist Hash Habadashery              Karma Karmelian

 Hare Meister/Hare Line                Willy Wanker’s Willy Warmer

 Hash Flash                                     Golden Cascade

 Assist Hash Flash                            Lilo Lil

 Additional Committee:                    Spittoon             

                                                        Stiff Fanny’s Dick

     Knock Out Neptune