Burro Hash

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Run  898-Xmas Day Run in Monda
Sunday 25th December 2005

Hares: The Willy´s

Over 20 hashers gathered at Finca Mermaid on a dull damp day ready for the xmas day run. We were expecting an shortish run but it turned out to be a well set run with 2 beer stops with great views.

Shortish circle & then the days festivities started. Well done to the cooks all working extremely hard. Acouple of quizzes, some singing & dancing all added to a great hash xmas.

Run  897-Fuengirola Town run in aid of Cudeca
Sunday 18th December 2005

Hares: Dogs bollox & Up yer bum

25 hashers met up on the beach at 1:00 for a town run all dressed up in Xmas finery (Except for scrooge El Cid). First beer stop at Sir roys house for mulled wine. Difficult to get hashers out of the house after that! Next beer stop in the port & finally beer stop at Magmums bar where Peter supplied all beer proceeds to Cudeca, thanks Peter.

Short circle was followed by a buffet style curry at Mira India. Finally Mince pies & ice-cream & more drinks at Hostel dogsy.

Sir Roy could not attend the run as his nieces had arrived for Xmas.

Run  896-La Cala
Sunday 11th December 2005
Hares: Mummy´s boy Video Preview


Staggering up from La Cala village and having been passed by Perve and Jerry Can in the Porsche saying they had no room for me, Bag Puss gallantly stopped and gave me a lift to the run start in the hills above La Cala.

 Considering this was a Hair of the Dog run it was very well attended by approximately 40 eager hashers, several very much the worse for wear.  Although I´d been standing patiently in the circle awaiting its commencement, I´d walked away to obtain a bottle of water and was then classified as the last hasher in the circle and received my punishment in the way of a can of Cruz Campo.  I was also presented with the onerous task of scribe. Limp Toed Sloth eagerly stood in for our GM as Stiff Fanny et famille had telephoned to express their apologies for running late again.

 The run was surprisingly unhairydoglike as it comprised several, for me, steep hills.  Spittoon, Karma and another able bodied person appeared not to tackle the first steep part owing to the distress of our newish harriet Ann who suffers breathing difficulties (moral don´t ask for a BJ!).  They did their own run and came back from the opposite direction.

 Several hashers lost the trail and others thought they´d completed the whole trail only to find out they hadn´t.  Limpt Toed Sloth  continued with the circle after the run despite Stiff Fanny´s presence in the circle. Trail foulers were encouraged into the circle for downdowns and Jerry Can uttered a few words something like “phew, I got away with that”.  Dipper reported him and he duly completed his penance by consuming a large beer diligently, without spillage, on his knees.

 Spittoon, Dipper, Willy Wanker, Karma and I were called into the circle for various anniversaries.

 Mummy´s Boy received a good mark of 8 and several compliments for managing to set a run after the successful and boozy Xmas Bash.  However, many thought that if he´d done it on foot, and not on the bike, it would have been more akin to a Hair of the Dog Run as it was a little longer than several people managed and who disappeared before the circle … maybe through sickness of perhaps footy?

 Mungo´s guise had been blown and he was rechristened.  Apparently he was slightly embarrassed by his name and had purported never to have had one … something to do with looking like, many years ago, Mungo Jerry?

 The weather became progressively colder in the circle and after several down downs and announcements, namely the 900th run, it was closed and hungry hashers sped off for a wonderful ON ON at the 9 Dragons where we ate and drank superbly for 12 euros a head.

 Scribe : Stitched UP

Run  895-Near Tolox
Sunday 4th December 2005
Hares: Willy Wankers WW & Shit shoveller

Run  894-Monda
Sunday 27th November 2005
Hares: Knockout Neptune & Shit shoveller
Report needed please




Run  893-Cable Car
Sunday 20th November 2005
Hares: Lilo Lil
Calahonda followed by a curry.

Report needed please


Group shot


 Run  892-Cable Car
Sunday 13th November 2005
Hares: Flakey, HymenHacker  & Mummy´s Boy
We gathered underneath the motorway for a prompt start at 2:30. Gangplank lost the way cos he thought Belenmadena was on the coast. First 20 mins was on tarmac down to the Cable car where hot chocolate, food & bright yellow T-shirts were waiting.

Up on the cable car where we were entertained by some captive birds. Then the real run started. We made our way to the first check where some dodgy calling on non-existent marking led most of the hash run downhill for about 2 kms. By the time we found out we were not on trail, rather climbing back up to the top we decided to make our own way down to the cars. We ended up miles from the cars & needed Dogsy´s van to get everyone back for the circle.

Meanwhile the third of the hash who were not fooled managed to do the whole run & apparently said it was well marked. We were worried at one point as it was getting dark & a couple of stiffs & Semi-retard were still on the mountain but they eventually turned up with the aid of a torchlit search party.

The circle was bloody cold so we didn´t stay too long awarding the hares a respectable mark of 8/10 since they only let the hashers who did the true run mark it.

On-on was at Route-66 where after a slow start we had an excellent meal & were entertained by Cucumbear.

Well done to the hares & cucumbear for an excellent effort.

On-on Dogs Bollox

Run  891-NEIC College
Sunday 6th November 2005
Hares: The Stiffs (Run report needed please)


Run  890-Alhaurin Golf .
Sunday 30th October 2005

‘Halloween Run’

Hares:  Sparky & Kindergarten Cop  

I am writing several weeks after the run and unfortunately the run’s most memorable event is that 6 or so cars were broken into.   

It was a great turn out, maybe 50 runners.    With my son , Ginger Minge and grand daughter, Band Aid here for a long weekend, ostensibly to visit me but in reality to make the Halloween run.  Having attended the ‘nail bar’ for Halloween black painted fingernails we arrived late for the registration at the roadside near Alhaurin Golf, on the Mijas/Coin road:  Thus Ginger Minge was obliged to sport the Donkey hat that run.

 The run briefing was on top of the highest hill around and with new shoe down downs, it was off down, down, slipping and sliding,  with sea views ahead of us.   False trails and check-backs encountered and intelligently negotiated, the trail inevitably assumed a northerly direction and we climbed for ever upward, through prickles, factor 10,   towards the  Mijas Sierras.  Skirting the golf course and on on,  huffing, puffing and bleeding, to the beer stop along side the carretera.

 Suitably refreshed,  it was off across the road  for the second part of the run, but with a warning that it was ‘a little steep’ and being with Band Aid, I choose the WW (Whingers and Wimps) back along the road, as did Golden Cascade.    A wise move as it transpired.  As the ‘real hashers’ arrived back at the circle we received stories of mountain ascents and sheer cliff face descents.     The worst discovery was though the break-ins to the cars and the thefts of credit cards, cell phones, cash, ID docs and personal papers. I missed the circle trying to assist so cannot recount any down downs etc.

 The On On was at the Venta just to the east of the run start.

 On On  ( your stand-in-scribe)  El Cid

Group pose                                          The hares                                                                       JointWinners
A couple of Witches On-on   Circle

Bandaid with some help

Run  889-Mijas Golf road near the river.
Sunday 23rd October 2005
Hare:  Sir Roy & Oxfam
Excellent effort. The hares found some new trails. Good beer stop overlooking the mountains & sea with sir Roys speciality - ginger beer shandy.
On-on at Triggers stables where Trigger made the usual mouthwatering (& bum-burning) curries.

Dogsie being cleansed Dipper in charge   Circle
Too much talking by SpermAid 5 mil downs a big one El Cid & Golden Cascade

Run  888-Torremuelle
Sunday 16th October 2005
Hare:  SpermAid & Rubherturd
Run started on tarmac, continued on tarmac, and ended on tarmac! There's all that countryside just a few k's out.............
But, Rub her Turd and Sperm Aid obviously put a lot of thought into the run and was eventually given around-about a 7-point something! Well done! There WAS a nice part of the run for us hill-billies from Alhaurin/Coin area, and that was the beach section. (Nipple-count was very low!) We are not normally allowed down at sea level very often, because we get carried away and become almost human! That Everton supporter bloke, Flakey, had a tremendous day as Hash-Aberdasher and managed to sell an over-sized tee-shirt to a Yank who, or is that whom, is about to be deported! But good luck LA (the Yank), (so good it was named once!) Anyway, hate Benal-whatever-its-ucking-called, got sodding lost trying to find the start, but enjoyed another Mijas Hash with Stiffany as Grand Mattress, and Dipper As RA to cleanse us of our sins. Spittoon was pis.......unable to award marks again......I had to pis.......go early to have Sunday lunch with my beloved......and then went home to the wife! Sir Roy, bow and courtsy you peasants, read his autocue for next weeks' run, which will start opposite "hole 19" at Mijas golf.


Run  887-Coin Feria ground
Sunday 9th October 2005
Hare:  Gangplank

We  met at Coin Feria ground for registration and in convoy made our way to Casa Blanco in the campo on the Rio Grande.
After introductions for our visitors we set off down to the river we then lost one of the visitors and her dog , was it on purpose ? ..After crossing the river for about the 19th time we then made our way up a hill, then another hill .couple of check backs some said not enough, and guess what .. another hill to see a sign telling us the beer stop was only 2 km away so golden cascade and myself hailed a passing Moroccan taxi!! on his way to Algiceris . He looked like he needed a beer.We harriots found the beer stop many more didn't on seeing the frb making their way down the hill the back runners ..crawlers followed on .Through lots of scratchy bits down through a field and onto the riverbed. More wet feet , On in to limited beer , before the hairs,We raided the fridge drank all the g + ts some even found the shower.Lots of down downs we even saw some rainbows maybe it was the alcohol. And the lost visitor turned up she was not happy,Anyway we had birthday cake Stiffanny kept that quiet. Stitched up finally got her T shirt she very kindly bid for, she also had a second Sunderland T-shirt signed by the Hashers in recognition of her generosity.On On was back at Casa Gangplank to Pumpkin soup Traditional roast and pud ,lots of wine and Pacharan thank god no green ti curry, He,s a star. Great hash 32 runners good score .On On Willy Warmer.

Run  886-Barranco Blanco
Sunday 2nd October 2005

Sunday dawned bright and clear, and a goodly Pack gathered amongst the pine trees at Barranco Blanco. El Pulpo had set the run entirely on his own, being of stout body and less stout mind.  This was quickly proven , as we set off through the pinar and carried on through the pinar and on and on through the pinar following great swathes of shredded paper.  Scalps were scratched and ankles twisted, but onward we wound through the pines.  Eventually arriving at a lookout point, we began the mammoth ascent up the tree break.  One or two mammoths, and not a few gazelles, had trouble with this gut busting climb.  (Hosts were subsequently down-downed for dragging unsuspecting, unfit and caterwauling visitors along to this particular hash).  Never mind -- surely the beer stop must be at the top of this climb, next to the sneaks in the fire lookout point?  Nope.  Down , we went, and now up another firebreak, before the lame and the halt finally reached the thirst-quenching nectar.  It was just as well that beer was in the offing, as by the time Your Scribe arrived, admittedly at the rear, there was no water left..
Duly sated, the Pack meandered its way along a spiny ridge, then - unsuprisingly - down once more into the fire breach, and once again entering the furzy carapace of the enveloping forest ...  Here the confused hare burst his bag, so to speak, squirting confetti in all directions; and so, lamentably, he continued, all the way back to the cars.
The Circle was joined, and penitents were cleansed of their sins.  Mummy's Boy, in particular, was not only Publicly Pissed On for Misogyny, but suffered the additional ignominy -- along with that child molester -- of an internally administered icing at the gloved hands of enthusiastic Harriettes Golden Cascade and WWWW for disrespecting the Hash by pathetically copping out of runs at the last minute. Dipper was giving one of the most breathtakingly brilliant performances of his career as Religious Adviser (hear, hear - Dipper) when disaster struck.  The Forest Fuzz arrived in the nick of time , and tried to nick us!  Smooth talking by GC avoided this calamity, but we were obliged to promise to return the following day , and clear up El Pulpo's paperfest (wanker ran out of beer, too).
Accordingly , some 14 noble idiots turned up on Monday evening (with a little daytime assistance) to repeat the Ball Buster and pick up several thousand litres of paper from spiky undergrowth , wearing poofty gloves.  Heartfelt thanks to those who participated in this generous gesture , and  bollocks to the rest of you lazy bastards, not forgetting El Pulpo for getting us into the mess in the first place!
On flour!!
Your scribe,

 Run  885-Ojen woods Run
Sunday 25th September 2005
Hares:  Limp toed sloth/SFD
This will teach me not to leave the circle without permission. It was an excellent run & a great effort put in by the hares. Run was not so long so we could all compare scratches as we moved along crawling & climbing with the horrendous thorns that tore at our delicate bodies.

Great beer stop with wonderful views over the mountains & after a cool drink a simple run in.

Very long falsies & checkbacks with numbers just to annoy Flackey who loves them as dearly as he loves everton, well maybe  not so considering their last few matches!!!

Circle was formed & points given for the run a huge 8.5. Nice to see visiting Hashers from donnington UK. They were celebrating 30 years of Hashing next  year, maybe we can make it to their party.

We also has visitors from Penang who thououghly enjoyed the run I did tell them we set good runs after the disasterous Full moon run  of the previous week.

Gangplank 6 mummy´s Boy cleansed our sins 6  a great job they did.

3 new shoes were spotted & tradition followed of drinking beer from the shoes.

Ann at last was christened as Lilo Lil with much flour & beer.

A visitor from Donnington called Dogs bollox created quite a confusion with our Dogs bollox, but this was the only thing they had in common. She was tall, thin, fit & had no balls our own Dogs bollox was ....not.

Annerversarios: Flaky-250, Up yer bum, sir roy, Limp toed & a few others.

On to the ON-ON & a great one it was too. Th e most delicious paella I have ever tasted. Paco was bribed with a few kisses in exchange for more beer 6 wine. entertainment was provided by Paco who sang us a lovely song as well as a hungarian waitress- my my my Delila...& we all joined in la,la,la, etc. Lorraine also provided some entertainment 6 was drooled over by a few hashers.

She enjoyed our company & we enjoyed hers, hope to see her soon.After a few more hash songs & more kisses for Paco & a few went to Casa Gaudi for Pacharans 6 champagne until 2:30 as Stiff Fannies Dick had to go airport at 8:30. Hope he caught his flight.


Golden Cascade. (Visitors-6, Virgins-1 VirginMary-no joke)

Group Shot Gangplank etc Dogs Bollox (2)      Sharing the ice-bucket
Lilo Lil baptism Lilo Lil baptism Circle      A few down-downs

Run  884-Full moon Run
Sunday 18th September 2005
Hares:  Salmonella
The Full Moon Debacle began with a measly string of the Mijas hash, most of them were still recovering from the Charity Bash at Casa Gaudi the night before.  3 Virgins joined us and Big Willy and Ma flew in especially from Penang. If it were not for Stiff Fanny and her Dick’s  party I reckon they would be wondering why, they came half way round the world for this sad effort –  one of the crappiest runs in Mijas history.

 The live hare – Salmonella Rushdie –  bless him – is he always that vague?  Managed to trail one bag of flour through the building site of Finca San Antonio on the Mijas Road. The security guard had the most exciting time, when we climbed over the sewage pipes and rushed at him waving torches. From then on it was down hill.  There seemed to be utter confusion from the beginning, but honestly the best bit was the on in when we all marched down the road like the Seven Dwarfs off to work.

 The circle was strategically placed next to a rotting corpse inside a skip (well it smelled like it) and it was declared a thoroughly shit hash.

 Onwards and upwards!  Silver lining on the cloud for Salmonella – he got 2 out of 10.


Group Shot Big willy & Ma Salmonella-deserved hash shit      A few down-downs

Run  883-Flakeys Curry night
Monday 12th September 2005
Hares:  Flakey & Karma
Although it was a lovely evening the run was a wet start for Salmonella. Did he fall or was he pushed into the pool?.

Starting a bit late due to late comers we covered good campo, various terrain which became a bit rough. Sir Roy had a fall, good display of bravery blood all over his head. Part of the run was more of a crawl through a storm drain which seemed to go on for ever. Those who had torches were the lucky ones, after many bumps on the head and more blood we emerged like something out of the great escape.Blinking into the welcoming site of the beer stop. After much needed refreshment we set off to finish at a jovial walk.Every one thought it was a good run and an award of eight was given. Good to see the returners who have now migrated back to warmer climes. A few visitors and virgins who thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Brilliant curry and tapas mucho vino and for the die hards pacharan flowed.

your scribe Willys Warmer.

Group Shot Night time circle Cheers       Mountie look a bit over weight!!

 Run  882-Back to School Run
Monday 5th September 2005
Hares:  Perv & Willy Wankers WW

                            BAGPUSS  XX

Group Shot Our hares Nice tie Flakey Las Chicas with Knockout

Run  881-Torre Real Beach Run
Monday 29th August 2005
Hares:  Stiffanny & SFD
The run started well enough with some up & down stuff then a long stinky river section thru a dark tunnel to the beach.

The pack lost the trail then but eventually arrived at funny beach for a great beer stop with go-cart races.
The second half was a predictable retirn on mostly tarmac.

Great T-shirt supplied by the hares got them an 8.5 marks - Well done.
BBQ on the beach went on thru the night, lots of good food & drink

Group Shot Our hares Carribbean shirts Las Chicas
Salmonella on ice Great hats! Circle (1) Circle (2)

Run  880-Club La Costa
Monday 22nd August 2005
Hares:  Flakey/Karma

Run  879 - Coin Road
Monday 15th August 2005
Hares:  Semi Retard/Spittoon

Don't you just love these people: visiting the Ass Hash from Madrid, you find that the HHH sign is only visible for those coming from the south, so you get a free tour of the neighbourhood and on top of that, they volunteer you to do the write up as well; lovely crowd!
Anyway, after being lost for a while, we were kindly picked up from miles away by DOG´S BOLLOCKS & UP Y'R BUM, who escorted us to the illusive site. Upon arrival, we found that a good crowd had gathered and one look at the Hares told me that these people would definitely know the A to B of Haring. Soon, we were ready to set off towards what looked like a lovely pine-forest. But, as usual nothing on a Hash is what it appears to be, so after a brief stint of running through luscious green, we ended up running through an endless stretch of urban wasteland instead. Nobody seemed to mind too much though, especially since this choice of terrain meant no hills, something I am always partial to. Even more importantly, this particular route allowed the Hares to drive their beer-mobil to a strategically placed rubbish dump in order to replenish the pack with oranges and amber liquid.
No transcendental incidents on the run, just the usual stuff with SIR ROY taking flight elegantly (well, trying to, anyway), GOLDEN CASCADE trying to stay ahead of TWICE A DAY without being seen to do so too obviously and myself naively following KARMA CHAMELEON for miles in the wrong direction ("Oh, don't worry, I know exactly where this run is going").
The run was awarded a 9 by 6 people, so that averages a 6.9, I suppose.


VIRGINS: Rodney No Name and Iris No Name. Iris was not sure about the concept of being a "Virgin" ("I lost my virginity a long time ago, although I still have the box it came in"), but once this was explained she took her down down like a true veteran.
VISITORS: JUST IN, 2 X DAY & BOSSY from the Madrid Hash
DISRESPECT: FLAKEY when confronted with a "fish hook" (a lesser known Hash signal, which is meant to bring the front runners back to the pack) decided that what you don't know can't hurt you and thus proceeded to rub it out.
NO 1 HARES: By "total coincidence" (I don't want to write "Get a life!" here), there was a Hasher wearing the t-shirt of the number 1 run, accompanied by the two Hares who had set said run: El PULPO & FLAKEY.
SHIT OF THE WEEK: Some stiff competition here between SIR ROY & POLLY, both accused of fouling the car park. I can't remember who exactly got the award in the end, but I think it went to the one that not only fouled the car park, but also squatted while doing so.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: There will be a big dinner party on September the 17th, to er… well, to have a good time and get sloshed communally, I suppose. Please check with the usual suspects for more details and get out your spondulicks pronto!

On on!
Justo Dentro

After the run 5 Mil wearing Run 1 shirt plus Flakey & El Pulpo the original hares!!!     Flakey & Karma New shoes!

Run  878 - Mijas golf Road - Hoyo 19
Monday 8th August 2005
Hares: 5 Mil
 Run started 7pm.  We were joined by visitors from Madrid Ash and Constitution

From Nigeria Huge cum balls and wife Joan of Tart. The run had a distinctly bad smell from the start it stunk so bad we all run as fast as we could out of the river bed.... The trail was laid on dead chicken , dead sheep, pig stench ,what ever happened to good old paper or flour or cholkFurther in to the campo we did discover chalk and shredded paper at last and green trees and and a new golf course as we have a desperate need of golf courses in our area. I  just have to mention the lovely young  smiley shepherd  gathering together  his 250 sheep with the help of the hash hound.   Several of us got completely lost yours truly Bagpuss constitution, Welsh rabbit, Stitched up and last bet not least Up yer Bum and Brandy who, who was eventually retrieved and just made it in time for the circle. 5 mil was awarded with 8 points for the smelly run   we"re expecting a huge turnout for Spitoon´s run in Coin next week. With Spitoon´s expertise we"re guaranteed a good run and for those of you who haven´t heard , Perv has promised us an update each week of his escapades in his recently acquired love wagon or should i say penis extension. We wait with baited breath. Come on Perv, with a name and a car like you´ve got, you´ve got to do better than last week.!!!!!    ON ON Your scribe.


Hash Flash Group shot Rare visitors Circle
Venta meal Perv Sir Roy & Stitched up Ash & Lee Marvin

Run  877 - Alhaurin
Monday 1st August 2005
Hares: Semi Retard/Spittoon

We met up outside Alhaurin. A low turnout of a dozen or so runners, oh I nearly forgot Flakey who turned up late & got sidetracked on the trail, by whom or what we never found out - only to say he was out of breath when the hares picked him up on the way back in.

The run itself was good up into the pine forests, and then further up, & even further up!! As you may guess at the beer stop we got to heaven & the only way back was down - down- down.
The circle was lively as always & the hash house served Paella.

Your Scribe


Run  876 - In the Campo
Monday 25th July 2005
Hares: Dipper

Group shot Dipper in charge    

For what was a wedding weekend, Perv impressively carried on with the theme into Monday and was fashionably late, keeping the hash waiting for 20 minutes as he ever so delicately manoeuvred his new Porsche through the Campo.

An immediate circle was formed, and Dipper, the Hare, did the usual instructions. It was at this point it became apparent the hash had been taken over by the SNP (Scottish Nationalist Party)  who had all joined Nipple Ripple and Go Large on their ‘honeymoon’. Apparently Scottish custom is that after your wedding unless you tell the guests to f*** off they stalk you for the following week and this was going to be no exception for the happy couple.  

The run was great, up and down, through the campo, usual stuff. Despite leaving flour bags on the campo, and having to step in to guide us when the trail went cold, Dipper deservedly received 8 ½.  

The On On was at the 9 Dragons in La Cala. El Cid knew it like the back of his hand, drove off like an FRB, and lost the trail. When we eventually arrived Perv had eaten all the veggie food. The rice was great though, OK wine, and the brandy stuff courtesy of SFD went down very well. Talking of going down well, back to those honeymooners – hope you both had a great night and managed to get some time alone! 

Ginger Minge

Run  875 - Puerto Banus - Full Moon Run
Friday 22nd July 2005
Hares: Perv & Stiffanny´s dick

Waiting for report & photos

Run  874 - Monda
Monday 18th July 2005
Hares: Knockout Neptune/Mermaid

Waiting for report & photos

Run  873 - In the Campo
Monday 11th July 2005
Hares: Willy Wanka & WWWW.

14 Hashers

Group shot Las Chicas John christened as ? The Circle

Run  872 - The Racecourse
Monday 4th July 2005
Hares: Sir Roy Rogers (Unhelped by Oxfam)

Winners of July 4th Group shot Perv & Hare Sir roy New mugs
Nice pose! The Spanish caberet Golden Cascade & steve Mere cowgirls & Indians

Run  871 - La Cala football ground
Monday 27th June 2005
Hares: Golden Cascade & Karma
Anniversarios: Peter (5), Golden Cascade (100), Spittoon (350), Perv (355), Nipple ripple (105)
Prompt at 7 p.m. it said! Up yer bum & Dogsy arrived with the Wankas at 7:10 to find everyone had set off 10 mins previously. We were told how to cut off the first part of the run & for a change found ourselves as front running bastards.

I think it was a case of deja vu cos I distinctly remember this as the St Patricks Day run cunningly disguised by setting off from the footy ground. We got to the beer stop to find half the pack missing having been totally confused by Jerry Can (I´m innocent he cried). The second half was a predicable but pleasant run thru the woods with no checks cos everyone knew the way anyway. We got back to find some refreshing rain falling. Hares received 7.5 marks out of 10.
The on-on was in La Cala at the 9 Dragons chinese restaurant, great food & wine all for 10ˆ.
Good effort from GC & KC.

On-On Dogs bollox.

Group shot Up yer Bum, Dogs & Karma Late comers Wanka
Cooling down(1) Cooling down(2) Grey Beard, golden Cascade Raining in June!

Run 869 & 870

Nerja caves camping weekend
Sat/Sun 18th/19th June 2005
Hares: Mummy´s boy & Stiffanny´s Dick
Scribe: Jerry Can

 After another hard night on the beer/wine/pacheran(?), the assembled hashers were not a pretty sight! And enthusiasm for the run was dwindling as every minute passed. “Can we not just have a quick stroll round the campsite” (in a Cornish accent). And several Hashers had already buggered off – Perv and Sparkey were nowhere to be seen (don’t want to start any rumours here!) and DumbArse Ditchwater  cried off with a dicky tummy (or was it something about his dicky?).

Stiff Fanny called the circle together at 11.30 (probably waiting for Stitched Up to get her act together again) and the Hares told us that it was a shortish run IF we didn’t do all the falsies, checkbacks (as opposed to Saturday’s ‘medium’ mountain climbing expedition). We were also told (truthfully as it turned out) that the steepest bit would be the out section of Saturday’s run.

 Well, this front-running bastard found the same checkback as the previous day, and Pig in Shit found the previous day’s check which had miraculously become a false trail. And so it went on. Without any decent terrain to get a circular run, the hares had to resort to long false trails to give the FRBs a workout and keep the knitting circle remotely in touch. Stiff Fanny tried some acrobatics, but it was a hard landing – lesson: when you’re running down hill, look where you’re going! Much was made of a potentially broken thumb, damaged ligaments, etc but it was all ok.   

 After 30 minutes the beer stop beckoned. Last in was Spitoon…and what a sight! Two steps sideways, a tilt backwards and then a bit of a lurch forwards. He’d been on the red wine since 7am (Gangplank had given him a bollocking for waking everybody up shouting “ where’s my f***ing tea”). The hares then pointed us in an outward (further away) direction, but nobody could work out how the trail could get back to the campsite, unless the hares had dug a tunnel through the mountain – which they hadn’t! The longest falsie imaginable! And the lead runners hid round the corner and didn’t call it – bas***ds! “We thought you’d want to enjoy the scenery” they said. Yeah – sure!! Back to the 2nd beer stop – which seemed to me to be in exactly the same place. Felt more like a beer this time. Then On In to the camp. The park rangers had visited in our absence and said “no camping” – just as well we’d taken all the tents down.

 As the GM was unwell, Jerry Can was again called on to take the circle. And he can’t remember who he gave down downs to! The run was scored at 7.5, the hares and anniversarios got their down downs. As the stand-in RA had buggered off, the circle was thrown open to everybody to have a go .. and they did!…like Vikings!.

 Lunch was then served and we all went home. 

Your Scribe
Jerry Can

El Cid at beer stop Group shot Spittoon/Bagpuss Up yer bum & Bagpuss
Mummy on ice In the circle Sunday on the beach More down downs
Sundays group Stif relaxing Hare in his lair Saturday evening meal
Evening meal Stif cooking Gangplank´s Erection Spittoon at work

Run 868-Dunnes Fuengirola
Sunday 12th June 2005
Hares: Dogs Bollox & Up yer bum
On arrival at the meeting place behind Dunnes Stores in Fuengirola, disaster struck Bagpuss, she had just become a victim of the local gypsies, her bag was snatched from her car. After much debate we moved the cars to a safer place.
Back at the circle having sorted keys, bags & dogs the run started on a winy dusty trail. Across a road up a hill to find our first false trail, on to the right track and on to a check which got us hunting in all directions. Perv, Stiffannys dick Wally wanker, dumb ass & the virgin missed the loop with the beer stop so made their own in the Fuengirola beach hotel, the rest of the pack arriving in various stages. Our Gm had to go to collect the AWOL´s & deliver them safely to the circle. A summer ball was suggested & final numbers for the Nerja weekend collected. Up yer bum got to sit on the ice as did Dogs bollox in true hash style bollock naked, he seemed to enjoy it. Maybe he´s a bit of a hot ass. Gangplank got to wear the hairy knickers having hit the big 60. Yours truly got to wear the hash hat. Up yer bum & Dogsy go a pat on the back for stepping in at the last minute, which was pretty darn goos & awarded an 8/10. The on-on was at ringos stable, plenty of food & wine to round off a good evening.

Your virgin Scribe Willy´s Warmer.

New Car ashtray down-down Dogs on the ice Gangplank & Splinter After the run
Harriets Great pants! Full group New tankard for Stifita

Run 867-Estepona
Sunday 5th June 2005
Hares: Limp Toed Sloth

So another 4 pm start (2 pm GMT) sun at its hottest!     Mad dogs and all that stuff !! 

 Swiss Roll had kindly offered me a lift to the run. At 2.45 she called to say she would be late picking me up, nevertheless at 3.15 we were on our way.   Progress was not too fast but, had I not insisted that we take the junction 157 turn off,  we would have made the start.   The 157 junction is the Toll Motorway back to San Pedro.

 Eventually, after a sight seeing tour of Estepona city centre,  we arrived at the lonely cars and hunted around for the start of the trail.  After a relatively short time we heard the ON ON calls of the pack but unfortunately choose a short cut to the voices by way of prickle factor 110 !!!!

 Having finally caught the pack we joined them in making ever increasing circles to discover where the trail may have gone.   Dipper, Gobichov and I found what might have been the true trail but it petered out and despite playing the ever increasing circle game again failed to discover it.  Thus we were forced, to follow the example of the remainder of the pack and cut across country to the beer stop.  It was a saving grace that the beer truck was visible across a valley.  On reflection that may have been Limp Toed intention, maybe knowing he had fucked up the trail.

 Finally, all have quaffed the amber liquid, it was off through a building site to the beach.  Limp personally directing us as we crossed a roundabout.  A gentle amble along the shore line brought us to an under pass, where again Limp was waiting, just in case,  and then ON IN on the road.

 The circle was called to order by GM  ( Stiff Fanny)   Sins were invented and forgiven by the RA ( Dipper).     El Cid was awarded a superb 550 Run hat ( good choice !!!)

             Runners about 12              Returners: several,               Virgins/ visitors Nil                           Points awarded 5

 Scribe:  El Cid

Swiss Roll Flakey Hash Shit of the week Down Down

Run 866-Alhaurin Run
Sunday 30th May 2005
Hares: Spittoon & Trolly Dolly

MISSING signs - not an unusual thing on Mijas H3 - resulted in several overshootings" of the runsite and the first complaints on this weather changing afternoon.


At 1600 hours the hashmaster took his horn out - everybody else put theirs away! The motley crowd of 38 or so incl a couple of virgins were called to order and Spittoon gave run directions whereafter the pack was sent off in direction of the Coin rd. The paper went left before the tarmac and on right up a long hill where the first checkaround was spotted. Whilst Limp Toed Sloth waster time taking the righthand fork, RubHerTurd followed paper left and very cleverly continued right at the next check locating paper at the bottom of the hill. Shorttime later another check and other frontrunners had time to catch up, paper was found and the run continued into the woods until finally at a very smartcheck with 3 obvious choices, Limp Toed Sloth somehow picked up the right trail , crossed the tarmac and arrived first at the beer stop.

The trotters, walkers, strollers and limpers arrived over the next 20 minutes.The 2nd part of the run was surprisingly good, eventhough hashers with brains got to know we were heading for the castle. A long left loop however, managed to slow the frontrunners down and made this part almost as long as the first. First runners in around 1720.


Virgins, returners and visitors duly awarded down2. Anniversarios KarmaKamelia 100 runs, Mermaid 15 - gratulations! Dripper as RA did a super job handing out rewards and various jokers were likewise penelised.

Announcement: Mammy´s Boy - Nerja weekend 17-19th June.

At the very end of the circle, Perv appointed RubHerTurd scribe and this is yours truly´s recollection of last sunday.

ONON to hare Trolly Dolly´s residence on the Mijas Rd with great BBQ, postre, wine and beer. Thanks a lot for the efforts, good run and delicious food.

Believe you got an 8!!!


Group shot (1) Sparky & New friend Virgins Shit of the week
Dogsy & Gangplank What is El pulpo up to? New Shoes Drinking from the New shoes

Run 865-Full Moon run
Monday 23rd May 2005
Puerto Banus

Live Hares Karma Chameleon and Golden Cascade 

Nipple Ripple & friend The meal Signing the bum Loose in Banus

This was total Hash madness…. after drinking copious amounts of alcohol and rolling in at 2.30am after Sunday's hash in Alpajata, I woke up on Monday morning with a horrendous hangover and a nagging feeling that I had arranged to do something… I made a few phone calls and it was true, a full moon hash had been arranged, for tonight! Karma Chameleon and Flakey were supposed to be the hares, however, after being grounded for being a naughty boy and staying out far too late the evening before, Flakey was replaced at the eleventh hour by Golden Cascade.
The evening started well, with hashers meeting outside Sinatra’s bar and replenishing their alcohol levels, we were receiving a lot of attention - it could have been some thing to do with the fake bum!!  We then had a short circle, and the Hares where off. A ten minute start and the cries of "On On" and the blowing of whistles alerted the somewhat bemused onlookers, we ran along the front of the port, past the Ferraris, the yachts and all those posh folk dressed to kill.
A check followed by another check and another check, we knew by then we had no prospect of catching the hares, but the moon was out and a gentle stroll along the beach was called for, followed by a speedy run back into town. After dragging the Harriet’s away from the shops and out of the bars we managed to have another quick circle.
The hares were awarded an excellent 9 and an unbelievable 8 from Spittoon, no returnees; we had all been there the night before, no virgins, although Perv tried to recruit a few along the way. We think we had three anniversaries Karma Chameleon had done 100 runs, Spittoon had done a lot, and my Dick had done 30.
After lots of very loud singing we decided it was time to leave before we got arrested, an excellent pizza accompanied by lots and lots of red wine and then back to casa Stiff for even more alcohol and a game or three of pool.
Thank god the Jacuzzi has gone on strike…
Your scribe Stiffanny
 Run 864-Alpajata
Sunday 22nd May 2005 

Group shot (1) K.Cop & Daughter Gangplank & Willy´s warmer Picnic
Gangplank & Bagpuss WW & WWW Carlos & Lola Group shot (1)

Run 863-Round the Rio Grande
Sunday 15th May 2005 

Birthday knickers Virgins Runners On the run
Up yer bum After the run In the circle Baptism

Hares – Gangplank & Dumb arse Ditch dummy

Around 30 runners gathered at Gangplanks finca with the promise that he has found some virgin territory. After a long convoy to the start by the banks of the rio Grande we set off down the river. Then after 5 minutes - no more signs. It took all our experience to find the trail again (at least 500 metres away on the other side of the river). A huge hill & then lots of undulating tracks thru some superb countryside. Long falsies - I think Gangplank set this on his bike! Beer stop set on the river - good choice. Short second half then back to Gangplanks for the circle. Excellent marks of 8 awarded . We had a baptism, welcome to Willy Wanker.

On-on was of course in Finca Gangplanks where a fine spread of Curries and BBQ food and all the beer/wine you could all for 8 Euros.

 ON ON – Dogsy

Run 862-The AGM RUN
Saturday 7th May 2005 

Gobbi wasting beer On-On in the Venta Part of the circle Sir Roy,Salmonella & Flakey
Has anyone seen my cock? New Committee Perv/Dipper looking colourful Last years Committee
Group shot Stiffanny our new GM Beer Stop Beer Stop

Hares – The Originals from Run 1: El Pulpo & Flakey

At 3:30 prompt the old committee retired for the year & simultaneously voted in the New Committee mainly themselves doing different jobs.
At 5.00 the run started with about 30 runners. Flakey had promised virgin territory  & wonderful terrain & so it turned out. Superb running in a hidden valley with lots of river crossings, just like the old days. The beer stop was held in the river requiring wading over to obtain a beer. The second half was once again along  the river so any chance of dry feet was forgotten. When the run finished we were all thirsty but alas the beer wagon had disappeared looking for Salmonella. lost them a few points that. Champagne down-downs made up for it. Excellent marks of 9.5.

On-on was in the venta nearby for a tasty Paella & BBQ meat. Music kindly supplied by Cucumbear.

 ON ON – Dogsy

Run 861- Enterrios 1st May 2005 

Hares – Perv and Trolley Dolly  

Virgins – Sarah  

Visitor –  Peter  “Jersey Bergerac”

 Returners – El Cid, 5 Mil, Dogsy, Perv  etc.

 Christening – Plain Jane (our first time hare) now - Trolley Dolly

 25 hashers showed up promptly at 4.0. p.m to the picnic area on the Mijas Golf Road.  I was five minutes late and hence became your first time scribe!! Sorry to inflict this punishment on you undeserving lot.  I am new, so learning the rules - will be careful not be so tardy in future.

 Thanks to Perv and first-time hare Trolley Dolly for a short and easy run through the Mijas Campo and riverbeds.  In contrast to last week’s Monda/Guaro  3 hour marathon it was a “walk in the park” They kindly allowed for those who had not had time for a Sunday shower to bathe their feet and to squelch their way back to the campsite.  Spitoon showed off his massive UPPER bodystrength by being a rider for at least three of the harriet  jockeys who were reluctant to wade through beechers brook which appeared very quickly on the run as the first hurdle. All my carefully placed plasters, a just punishment for new strappy summer sandals, were quickly washed downstream and now like El Cid,  I must spend this May Day with my leg up until the re-blisted blisters heal.

 The terrain was for the most part flat and fairly uninteresting, however busloads of transvestites would have been in heaven for the array of skirts, blouses and cardies in a fetching red colour and available for free along the trail. A few budding trannies modelled them for our approval at the On On!!

 A big welcome back to El Cid.  What with him and (Peter) the Jersey Bergerac on this hash there will soon be as many ex-coppers on the costa as expat criminals. Also great to see that the Afrikanders did not incarcerate Gangplank,  returned to us 5 kilos heavier after stuffing his face, and who knows what else, in the South African bush. Did I say bush? Of course I meant brush.  Gangplank arrived back just in time to provide the paella pan for the superb On On.  However, he has asked me to say a big perdone to Mijas Ayuntamiento for the burnt tree trunk!!

 As I was pouring the luke warm, frothy beer for the down downs and did not realise at the time I would be the scribe,  I was not paying close attention to the scores but 861 was definitely worth an 8.5 in my opinion. The On On  deserved a 10.  Many thanks to Perv and congratulations to Trolley Dolly for her first hash set.

 ON ON – your scribe – Bendover

Run 860 - Guaro

Guaro Sunday 24th April 2005..Hares: Stiff / Shaggy

Bravefart lay in an alcoholic slumber, contemplating the back of his eyelids having consumed a large Sunday lunch& copious amounts of alcohol in the manner of hashers worldwide. He was now indulging in a siesta in the quiet village of Guaro.. Far from the desert sands of Dubai where he regularly dragged his sweaty body thru the heat & dust to be ritually humiliated in the circle, & all for the sake of a few cold beers. This was much more like living.

But then faintly at first & then getting louder came the cries of on-on seeping into his befuddled brain. Was this a bad dream? It certainly was not, it was the Mijas hash on their run in guaro.

The run had been set by the hairs, Stiffannt, shagadelic & Jerry-Can. Having meandered thru the quiet 6 peaceful streets & rendered them quiet 6 peaceful no more the hash set off into the campo with not one but 2 beer stops! And so it turned out, a good long run in virgin territory including a ball-breaker for the FRB´s which included Little white bull, who was back from his diplomatic mission to Vietnam repairing US/vietnam relations.

After many hours spent completing a comprehensive survey of andalucia the hash returners tired but happy (2 beer stops worked wonders)

The circle was conducted by our standin RA El Pulpo. Bravefart was introduced & downed for malingering on a hash day & given instructions of how to find the hash again.

Meanwhile a sumpious BBQ was being prepared by Stiffanny´s Dick who managed to beat off the hungry hashers until the bangers were properly cooked.

All in all an excellent hash.

Moral of the tale: you can run, you can hide but whereever you go in this world there will be a bunch of alcoholic reprobates, just waiting to drag you back to the hash.

Long may it remain so.

On-on Limp toed Sloth.

Run 859

Coin Sunday 20th March 2005.........

Well done Dumb Assed Ditch dummy and Sparky YOB..7 marks out of 10 .
 26 hasher's appeared; for another ballbreaker run in the Monda mountains, raring to go, at 16:30
Stretching our legs and eager to do another hard one, no easy runs in this area we thought fearing the worst after the memory of our last Monda ballbreaker run , just as we started to break  in  to a sweat  we were at the beer stop .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 Personally  I  loved the run through green hills and carpets or yellow and pink flowers, the scent of herbs all around us , not one moan from any of the other Harriet's ,except our front running great Dane Sperm-maid.
            I was told marking was good , but that is a matter of opinion , Flaky led me through a different run , not a marking in sight not a bit of paper . No choice at this point but did some expert short cutting , Flaky is an expert .
 B-S. on a lovely hill with wonderful views and all was forgotten after a cold beer and crisps.                                                                                                                                            The campo boys are outnumbering us city coast hasher's. Thanks should be given to Mermaid and Neptune for bringing new blood and a young one at that, we Harriet's love young blood)
The second half no comment  as Elephants Arse  dragged me to the W.W. trail (I did put up a fight but he is so convincing, such a smoothie with the ladies) .But just as well, we heard the second half was not much longer .
Our stand in R.A. Flaky did his best to cleanse  us of our sins to no avail...after lots of down downs   a christening was held .Haily ,crushed  into yours truly up yer bum and was named " Titty stop"
The Gran Mattress was         very generous with her badges and down downs. Rub herTurd was awarded badge for his 100th run . Her own badge was awarded to Kindergarten cop 25th runs,.Must not forget Stiffita and her 25th run badge.     I had a down down for my 211th run , by this time things are .a bit blurry .What I do remember is a posh car a Jaguar puling up with a young tall beautiful man getting and strolling to our  circle and stooping  beside me,,,,I did interview him thoroughly, listen up Harriet's he is not MARRIED and has 5 more Jaguars!!!!!! Plus he owns 70.000 square meters of the best Monda mountain.  
He is Italian but does not belong to the Mafia He is self made man(I believed every word) We are all invited to a b&b at his place he will slaughter a couple of lambs for us..?????? what did he mean by that..''''
On on on took place in a venta, food and drinks very good as usual at that place and only 10Euros
Last thing I do remember Swiss roll driving round and  round Monda village and some how always end ending up one way or no end street!!! and at one point in some caves???? Can´t remember the rest neither does Swiss Roll.
On On  your scribe Up Yer Bum


Run 858

Torreblanca Sunday 10th April 2005....14 runners. Hares: SpermAid/Rubherturd.

Group shot Christening Beer stop Spring is here.

Run 857

Monda  Sunday 3rd April 2005...............20 runners. Knockout Neptune, Mermaid & Sparky

Date: Sunday 3rd April 2005
Mijas HHHRun Report
Runners: 24
Virgins: Jervis family: Richard, Therese, Lauren &
Georgina (or was it Georgia?), also Leigh
Returners: 9, (They missed Sir Roys' tremendous bash, LOVEDthe Wailing-Wall!)
RUN857 Hares: Sparky YOB,Knockout Neptune Location: Monda


The route to "Rancho Knockout Neptune" was well signed from "The Marbella Gun &Country Club", but I went sightseeing before going to Monda! A  warm welcome to the Jervis Mafia who were hoodwinked into coming by the Grand Mattress, they have already made their excuses for not turning up next week! But I'm sure that when they are back in the UK reflecting on the tremendous wit and huge egos of the Hashers they will be rushing back on their next holiday to participate! LEIGH,the remaining virgin told us that he works at the stables down the road from the KN's ranch. Hence his connectionl The first "half' of the run went well, with checkbacks keeping the FRB's and the rest of us together, and laid out in flour. The length and ruggedness (of the run) made me pleased to see the first beer stop. (Did I really enjoy that last half-pint of Gin and Tonica last night?) Good use of the campo, and virgin hash-country for all except the locals. The second "half" to the next beer stop took us through more scenic countryside and then along the streets of Monda and ON-UP to the castle carpark. Two sex-starved pervs showed up twenty minutes after Spittoon! Can you believe Spittoon as a FRB? (Without Joan behind him?) Then it was discovered that Brandy, the datschund, was missingl Up-Your-Bum forgot that stupid bloody lead that has been tripping us up for ages! Asearch-party motored off retracing the route back to BS1 whilst the rest of us happy hashers tramped along the ON-IN on the final "half' of the run. The randy bitch was eventually found, and so was Brandy! The Circle was sacrosanct! The Pope has kicked the bucket! Those catolicks, (sic) present had a down-down for His Ex-Holiness! And, then, Patricia, Gang-planks' current, was baptised in the River Jordan by our RA,Arch-Deacon Mummys' Boy. ( I tell 'ukin'lies, it was carried out in the gunge,sorry, plunge-pool) But then, your New Scribe, with so much spring in the air, got a stiffy, requested a pass-out, and popped off to give his beloved a good talking-to, and then went home to the wife who had Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes and OXOgravy waiting sad bastard!!! (Missed the fags and wine-in-a-box at the ON-ON!)Although  Spittoon has reported back that the post-hash fodder was extremely good, but couldn't get any ice cream for his strawberries! I'm shit at telling jokes but before he "came out" did George Michael actually sing about asking your son not to go down on him? AND has David Bunkup claimed fathership of one of your kids yet? AND how did he know what he was shagging? Put it where Walt ? Can't bloody remember the final score, but I have decided that it was worth 9. Good Hash!

On Onl Your Scribe, SEMI-RETARD

Group shot Las Niñas Stiff & Mummy´s boy Christening of Bagpuss

Run 856

Group shot Hares-Sir Roy/Oxfam Sperm aid/Rubberturd Spittoon
Winner of Easter bonnet

Run 855

Estepona  Sunday 20th March 2005...............No photos, no report, 9 runners.

Run 854

St Patricks Day Run Sunday 13thMarch 2005 



Stealing our beer


Run 853/852

Cordoba weekend Sat 5th/6thMarch 2005


Pan Iberian Hash

 Cordoba, 5th and 6th March 2005, but most people tipped up on the Friday.   On our journey from Mijas it was raining most of the way but miraculously shortly before Cordoba the weather turned dry.


Registrations were taken in the bar of the main hotel by Stiff Fanny (Mijas GM) who was ably assisted by her daughter Stiffita.  In fact I think Stiffita may be voted onto the committee at our next AGM, let’s get some intelligence in there!!!  


All was going well with most of the some 119 hashers from Madrid, Almancil,  Lisbon, Malaga, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, Mijas and exiles registering and picking up their special shirts.  All was going well apart from there was just one person serving at the bar: It was only later we discovered the Spanish logic of the slow service when the bar ran out of  beer!!!


Saturday morning saw a clear blue sky and around 15ºC.    Depending on who managed to get their beer before the bar ran out, or found / failed to find, another supply, we appeared either in time to check out the Mosquito or to just make the convoy to the run site.


To be fair the run was probably the shortest ever Hash, not to mention an away run, but, as it goes, maybe now we have a new TRADITION !!!    Another ‘NEW TRADITION ’ was no ice,  NO ICE !!!!       Well, TRADITION !!!!!    I don’t remember too much about the circle except for Wobbly Bob creating a variation on ALMANCIL …..    to  I’M A SEAL ……..


Back to scrub up and onto the ON-ON.    Hey don’t some of us Scrub Up GOOD !!

Excellent meal, loads to drink, incredible entertainment from all Hashes, the off to bed or whatever.


Sunday also bloomed fair with wall-to-wall blue sky.  This time, having assembled on the far side of the Roman bridge, it was live hare run thro the street, alleys and squares of this beautiful old city.   After many checks, falses and confusing ‘assistance’ from los vecinos, the BS was stumbled upon and then it was off back to the bridge for the circle.  Which  was much to amusement of the tourists,  `los guiris están estúpidos’.


The On-On was again excellent and being subsidised, cost us a huge 2 euro a head, who said  HEAD …..


At this point I was in the ‘ÒK lets call it a day’ group, although many stayed on and I guess had a very sober evening,  NOT !!!


Thanks to everyone who contributed to this fun weekend and for making it such a memorable meeting.


                                                         On-On El Cid


I. If you think the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, you're aiming too high.

 2. Women don't make fools of men --- most of them are the do-it-yourself types.

 3. The best reason to divorce a man is a health reason: you got sick of him.

 4. Never trust a man who says he's the boss at home. He probably lies about other things too.

 5. A woman's work that is never done, is the stuff she asked her husband to do.

 6. If you want a nice man go for a bald one, they try harder.'

 7. Go for younger men, you might as well they never mature anyway.

 8. There are only two four letter words that are offensive to men ---"don't" and "stop" (but not used together).

 9. Men are all the same they just have different faces so you can tell them apart.

 10. Definition of a man with manners --- he gets out of the bath to pee.

 11. Whenever you meet a man who would make a good husband, you will usually find that he is.

 12. Scientists have just discovered something that can do the work of five men --- a woman.


Run 851
Wet cold run in the Belemadena/Mijas area.

Run 850

Run from Gangplanks house, followed by Thai Green curry.

Run 849


Hares: Stiff Fanny & her Dick              

I had to write this cos I wos last to turn up. Wasn´t my fault but it meant I did the first half following paper with stitched up & fanita in my car trying to find the beer stop. Finally got there to find Gangplank with a smug smile on his face after spending a month in Thailand. Can´t think why -  we only went for the hashingJ The marks varied from 1 to 9 but the final result was 8/10 - not bad.

 The second half was fairly short but who cares, the beer was cold & the sun was out, great to be back. Lots of down down including an inspired ice-cold tsunami from Pervi.

 The On-on was in Casa Stif, that fantastic Gaudi inspired house built by Russians with more money than taste. All proceeds of the meal, which by the way was fantastic , went to victims of the tsunami. Well done to the hares for their tremendous effort.  

Lots of bodies in the Jacussi and sauna. We left about 10 p.m. but having seen some distinctly dodgy photos of the action later on I think we should have stayed!! Spittoon should set up his own web site

ON-ON  Dogsy