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RUN REPORTS 2011(See Hash History Page for Years 2010 and previous years)

Run 1220


Run 1219

Hares Streaky and Stiffanny (though it was recorded that she was missing in action, or was it getting some action...!!)

Some 30 odd hopefuls turned up for what promised to be a well set run, in Mijas Campo.
The usual suspect FRBs were soon out of sight in front, leaving us to wade through stinky rivers of horse shit, pig shit, rat shit, cat shit, goat shit,  we carried on like the blind leading the blind through two very dark tunnels, totally lost, (dazed from head banging the roof ) and confused arrived out the other end, where Hares had a novel way of keeping the pack together Ц total confusion! The FRBs all over the place... half an hour we've been looking was called...!!! So we all hunted again, back to the previous check, where the trail had run out of flour, and the check that nobody could solve, but it soon became apparent that we didnТt have a clue either! Part of the problem here, me thinks, was one man and his spotty dog...rubbing out our flour... B........! Eventually, after leaving hashers milling all over the hill, and setting off in different directions, I set off in the general direction of the cars and bumped into Stiffanny, who was part of the rescue squad.. She pointed us back on flour/ Chalk and a BS sign was found in the far distance, Stiffanny was sent off again to rescue the rest of the pack.. who eventually also turned up at the BS at about 7pm...!!!!! but by this time most of the scrummy Carrot cake had been eaten, though leaving them with some hot pur chinese snaps... and that was good enough for the pack. From the BS, it was straight up the road back to the cars for most of us, even Jizzical ferk had had enough and drove back..! but for the more hardy they set off and arrived back about an hour later... with a detour round the Eroski centre  !!!!, and the search party of both hares this time going out to find them again..
Fed up of waiting for them and the hares to arrive and it starting to get dark, the GM called the circle and Hash Shit was given..which they duly arrived back in time to receive.

In the Circle, the GM announced the following Anniversarios:
Streaky : 210
Colonic: 175
Put it in : 115
Septic : 190
Jizzical Ferk: 55
Semen Stains: 10
5 Knocked Shuffle. 10
The RA was then called in and had a lot of fun with his pistol and administering colonic irrigation to all the sinners for their missdoings..
Pussy Galore


RUN NO: 1218 - Hare - Tight Arse

42 hashers встретились в круг за то, что казалось, еще один длинный вверх и вниз бежать от плотно осел. мы были правы, это было. много крутых подъемов и крутых спусков. ѕримерно через полтора часа мы прибыли на пиво остановитьс€ более или менее все вместе.

¬тора€ часть была больше того же самого с некоторыми прекрасными видами. ћного уколов и кровь повсюду.

¬ернувшись в кругу бежать было дано хэш дерьмо от Ѕиг-ћака, но и все остальные проголосовали хороший 7.7.

5 млн. 295
Gang Bang 180
ћинди 155
Ќикки —ука 15
¬ажна€ ѕирог 15
широко открыты 10
жесткий зад 230

ѕ€тнистый ƒик был серьезно наказан за бросание пивные банки во всем мире и плотно осел получил около 40 вниз падени€ за все.

 руг замкнулс€, и мы пошли на ужин в ресторанах с видом ћихас. Ёто было очень хорошее.
ћолодцы плотно осел.

¬аш писец.


RUN NO: 1217 -
Hares: Nikki Bitch and Birthday Bitch (Up yer Bum)
Location: Car Park between Castle and Hotel Biatriz
Out along the beachfront, over the N340 footbridge, and into familiar campo territory. The usual suspect FRBs soon hit the front, but the Hares had a novel way of keeping the pack together Ц total confusion! So we had the backcheck that took us all the way back to the previous check, the trail that ran out of flour, and the check that nobody could solve. Part of the problem here, methinks, is that Physical Jerk ran about a mile checking and everybody else adopted sheep mentality! Somebody shouted Сon backТ, but it soon became apparent that they didnТt have a clue either! Eventually flour was found in the far distance, next to the СBSТ sign, and that was good enough for the pack. From the BS, it was straight down the road, but with a detour round the Eroski centre, though only the FRBs bothered with this. The pack gave it a score, I think, of 7.3 Ц but IТm sure the Hares will correct me if IТve got this wrong.
In the Circle, the GM announced the following Anniversarios:
Up yer Bum: 450 (Get a life!!)
JerryCan: 70
Ginger Minge: 55
Sweet & Low: 45
Gilf: 20
In the absence of the RA, Dipper proceeded to hand out СDown DownsТ to various sinners and miscreants. But as nothing much funny was said, this scribe canТt remember any of them. The RA then proceeded to celebrate Up yer BumТs birthday in time-honoured fashion. Not sure what looked messier Ц DipperТs attempt at Black Forest Gateaux or Up yer BumТs new hair do.
The OnOn was at RingoТs Ц so no surprise there. But decent nosh and free-flow wine + a slice of real birthday cake.


RUN NO: 1216 - Hare - Kindergarten Kop

I canТt believe my dad took me to a back to school run! I am only 14 months!!!! I havenТt even been yet!

Anyway, we all got together at la Trocha to arrive to warm beer and no KC present! Still my dad and Septic played footy for a bit and the Circle started. New shoes for 3 people ha ha.

I donТt know what the first  bit was like cause dad took me in the car to the top of the mountain for the first beer stop where I had a beer and done a pooh in my pants. Heaven! Mum (GB) then fed me some cold veggie shit and took me to the second beer stop. There I tried to change the wheel on KCТs car whilst having beer again (see Photos) Then back in the car with me dad and Jimmy Kranky!

In the circle the run got 7.7 and dad went on for bloody hours so I had another beer. He christened 2 new mad people

Seaman Stains and Doggy Style! I donТt get it!

Loads of hashers got down downs for not saying У Here Mr. I lovehead sirФ

Anyway I was a bit pissed by then and we went to the on on for Sunday roast and I had squish and another shit!

Then I went to sleep in my pram. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Your Scribe.