Burro Hash

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RUN REPORTS 2011/2012(See Hash History Page for Years 2010 and previous years)

RUN number 1240 - 26th February 2012

With 35 or so hashers we set off up the riverbed after 10 mins calls for hash shit were heard into the campo ,very nice ,
on to tarmac not so good but along the first half  saw best marking of the run ( BEER  STOP ) As the pack arrived at the beerstop 
a few  front running bastards  set off on the second half  claiming they had been there half an hour !

Well the second half was a disaster with no flour no trail and we followed like sheep back to the cars .
Big Mac told me he found a trail going up river  bed not down so I think he took the high road and we took the low road never to meet in Scotland

A lively circle started with the GM trying to ice the two Russian  girls who failed to set their run  they wouldn´t be arsed ,no sorry Iced ,
so he told them to leave .Good on yer GM  but watch your back the Russian Mafia may be out for you

Colonic our RA brought in a couple do badders from the Paris run .Semen stains for sharing a room with Radio Kaka and Wideopen  for sharing a bed with Radio Kaka !.

Where was Seman stains when all this was happening ?

Circle closed off for an enjoyable meal at Casa Pedro ,s  when we found out that the Hares who stepped  in at the last minute had all week to set the run 
Mark 6  was given when perhaps Hash Shit might have been nearer


Aniversarios   Wide open   25 runs

                    Jizzical Ferk   70 runs

                    Stffany            235 runs

                    Swiss Roll        290 runs

                   Big Mac             120 runs

 5 mil


RUN number 1239 - 19th February 2012


Hares Yogi and Dipstick Score 8
Anniversarios: Wide Open 25, Yogi 90 and Septic Scrotum 205
Well, after finally finding the run - signed with only a pathetic piece of A4 paper and a one armed tramp on a roundabout, we all assembled on a hill top somewhere near La Cala. Yogi had already warned us that mountain goats and horses may have eaten some flour, but once we saw the tiny shetland pony which was behind a fence and and completely unable to jump over it to eat anything, we knew that the hashers had simply not bought enough flour.
The majority of the hashers did the women and wimps trail, however myself, doggy style and uncle fester did the extra 5 minute loop!
Yogi´s car almost blew up so Mummy´s Boy car came to the rescue and ensured that the beer and snacks made it to the beer stop before Just Say When!
The beer stop was fantastic with music, hawaiian shirts and tequila. Was almost like a scene from cocktail. Well, almost!
The anniversarios were pulled into the circle for their down downs as were two hashers who are to be married on Thursday - aaaww bless. To commemorate this we drew on their faces and threw beer at them to give them a taste of how married life will be.
Oh and a dumb blonde was pulled into the circle for possibly mentioning the summer camp to the Malaga hash. I think she deserves the Nobel Peace prize for hash integration myself.
It was a short circle with no snitches to pass the time to go to the on on, so Yogi regaled us with tales of how he nearly shat himself after going for a Chinese last week!
The On On was sunday roast at Dibleys accompanied by tales of Gangplank´s shenanigins at a singles club somewhere on the coast.
What more can a girl ask for on a Sunday afternoon?
One Tit x

RUN number 1238 - 12th February 2012

  Hares: Radio Caca/Mummy Boy
                                                San Pedro was the meeting point,on a sunny cold day,     many of the hash turned up in red  as requested,Yogi looked like a mad old woman from malaga ,and got some funny looks and whistles along the way had a game to find hearts along the way so we were in groups!!! which did not work very but it was good fun,On the beach we came across a nude bather, who must have thought he had the beach to his self, then all us hash came by,The river bed at Benahavis was hard and long,TO LONG  came out of river bed,then some didnt found the beer stop it was long first half!!! The hares put alot of thought to the run and did things that work for a valentines day run {red hearts} cava and strawberries,lovely The ON ON was at  swanky Oscars which was very good      


RUN number 1237 - 5th February 2012 - Mijas Campo Points 8/10About 40 hashers gather outside Tweetski Pies house looking forward to a sunny run in familiar territory. The run was set with no false trails so confusion reigned in the first half. Just say when and dogsy unintentionally short-cutted so reached the BS in about 10 minutes. The rest managed to stay out a bit longer all complaining about a check back through a wet tunnel.

The Beer stop was Sticky tarts home made cake - delicious and copious supplies of white wine.

The second half was also a tad short but nevertheless very interesting.

The run was awarded a geerous 8/10, must have been influenced by the Russian vodka being passed round.

Not sure what the meal was like as didn´t go.

Crystal tits 15
Mindy 165
Put it in 125
Radio Kaka 70
Seaman stains 25
Uncle Fester 30
 Dip Stick 10

Dogsy in place of Gangplank who said he wrote the report but it was deleted by the owner of the Internet cafe- a likely story!


RUN number 1236 - 29th January 2012 - Coin