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RUN REPORTS 2012 (1281-1285)(See Hash History Page for Years 2011 and previous years)

Run 1285 - 30th December           PHOTOS 1285

Hares: Yogi & Uncle Fester

We started at 14 hrs and it was organised by Yogi and uncle fester.

In my opinion the run was too short and I think they should announce when there is tunnels to take torches.

I thought the cricket game at the BS was as good idea although not everyone participated.

Captains Karma Chameleon and Semen Stains did a great job, but in my opinion Golden Cascade was the Big Star of the game showing all of us how to bat.

It is not a bad idea to organise these sorry of games but more often.

Well, its my first report and don't have experience in this, next time I will be better.

Regards to all from Organ Stops.

Run 1284 - 23rd December           PHOTOS 1284

Hares: Colonic & 5.Knuckle-shuffle.

It was a warm sunny day that 30 hashers gathered all wearing the minimum of a Santa hat for what promised to be a town run with no hills, wet feet or prickles.

And it was exactly that, not too many arrows which kept everyone guessing and a lot of calling "are-you?". We made our way to the port area expecting the beer-stop there but no - back into town again until we reached the feria ground where we found the beer-stop at Casa-colonic. We were treated to mulled wine and home-made mince pies courtesy of Sticky-tart - delicious.

The second half was a 10 minute get you back to the cars run. The pack was in a very generous Xmas mood so the hares were awarded 8.75!

we had a christening - Magnus arrived with a hand-brake turn in his hire-car and was awarded the hash name of  "Brown skid in the rain" - I think - you know the song.

Anniversarios: Justin-50 and a badge, Brown skid - 5, Cum pussy-15, Aphrodisiac - 170 "get a life"

Then on to the On-on at Las Brisas where for 25 Euros we got some lovely Spanish food (makes a change from Venta-crap).

Lots of songs from Dipper, Colonic, flakey & streak-of piss with a few jokes as well. Well done hares.




Run 1283 - 16th December           PHOTOS 1283

Hares. Stiffanny & Streaky

Run 1282 - 9th December

Hares. Colonic & Gangbang.

Well here I am again twice in 3 weeks I  think. Not bad for an old lame sod.

As before I cannot give you a full report on the run as I only did the second half ( the feet you know ) and also I did not go to the on-on.

It was a good turnout though, around 30 - 32 hashers, the hares being Colonic & Gangbang you expect a good run & they did give a good one according to all the hashers.

The beerstop was situated at the top of a hill with excellent views over the bay & surrounding hills. Within  50-55 mins the hashers started to arrive and within 1 hour they had more or less all arrived, thats what I call keeping the pack together.

I joined up with Mummys Boy for the second half which was more or less downhill, but we ended up losing the pack somehow ( I blame it all on him, still under the influence from the Winter Ball ) Eventually we joined up with them again and ran (well some did run ) into the finish.

We had a great circle with Yogi dressed up as a bunny ( I think ) giving it all with the down-downs, speeches and jokes etc,by this time I was feeling quite lightheaded, I don't know whether it was the beer or the pills I was taking or just plain old age but thats about all I can remember except it was another great day.

                                                                     Cheers Mindy.

Photos 1282

Run 1281 - 2nd December - Hares: WW & WWWW.

Sir Flakey and I where late as usual, so after a hair-raising drive to find the run site, it was a welcome relief to find a herd of hashers grazing away in a lovely meadow adorned with yellow flowers.

After telling them all to hurry up and form a circle, as it was getting late, I thanked the previous weeks scribe (s) Gang Bang and Colonic, and offered to write this week’s so here it is:

We set off at a fairly brisk pace, however finding myself at the rear end of the pack, and chatting to Gangplank, I was not really taking much notice of the markings, lots of split trails rather than checks but good ones, and it was not long before we came to the first river crossing.

Having just washed my shoes I was not too keen to get them wet, so a very helpful steed came to the rescue and w.t.f.i.w. gave me a ride across, the same at the next crossing. However, by the time we got to the beer stop, and the whole width of the river loomed, it seemed fruitless, to try and keep dry, so I finally had to succumb to wet feet.

Great beer stop with Pink fizz and flapjacks. Really nice run in, only one small hill as promised, very scenic, and with the promise of hot mulled wine courtesy of Gangplank, we all made it home pretty much all together. No prickles, no tunnels, no shaggy nasty smelly mud, just clean water and nice flat terrain.

A great run, and a mark of 9.1 was well deserved.

Lots of anniversaries, too many to mention, and I have also forgotten who and how many.

The circle was then handed over to The Honourable Reverend George Mooney AKA Yogi to cleanse us of our sins. Which he did a very thorough job of; I was very pleased that I had been practising my sleeve technique!

On On On to a Sunday roast which, if wasn’t quickly turning into breakfast, and with imagination, and it all served on one plate would have been quite good. Excellent apple crumble, good wine and excellent Pacharan

On On….

Your scribe Stifffanny