The Burro Hash

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We need volunteers - no hares no Hash! If you have a run Please contact Aquasex(610 711 688) or Kindergarten Kop (686 752 499).


Next Weeks Run & future events


Run No; 1514 
Sunday 26th March @ 3.00pm, Torreblanca Hills

Hares: Just say when and Bloody Pinnochio  
Run Directions: Exit the A7 at Km 217 from Fuengirola and take the A368 Mijas road. Passing the Cepsa Petrol Station and Higueron Restaurant on the left, turn left into the abandoned area above Torreblanca. Coming from Mijas, take the top road and turn right before the Restaurant!!
Go straight over the roundabout and pass the dustcarts, following the HHH signs and parking on the road off to the left .
Run Site Coordinates: 36deg, 34min, 53.80secs N;  4deg,36min,29.19secs W


This might look like "the same old run, with a few new twists" but don't be fooled, its nothing like!!! 
Bring a change of shoes! Old Farts alternative available.
ON ON  will be at  Timmy's Bar, Calle Colina Blanco, near Torreblanca Train Station. Three course Sunday Roast with choice of meats and 1/2 bottle wine, 14€.

Lost Souls call 619 651 253.


Future Events



June 23rd, 24th and 25th  2017

Camp Out weekend ! Sign up now! On-On

The campout is on the shores of lake Negratin near a town called Freila North of Granada about a 2.20 hour drive from Fuengirola . On the 23rd to the 25th June a stunning area and very different. The campsite is great we all have shade and the facilities are right opposite our pitch.
There is a two bed apartment that would suit four willing to share on site and there are various hotels around the area.
As an idea if you wanted to do something different campervan... they are available from various places in Malaga to rent.. We will be taking ours and moving on after the campout for a few days into the Cazorla National park , if anyone wanted to join us.

I do have a couple of spare tents if anyone is without one.
We are going up again on the 24th March to reccee the runs and will have more info then, for now just register. So we have an idea of numbers.
On On
Stiffanny and Sir Flakey


      The Hash Commandments

  1. The GM is always right
  2. When the GM is wrong, Rule 1 applies
  3. The RA is always right except when Rule 1 applies and there shall be no defence.
  4. The RA checks on proper behaviour before, during and between runs. It is left to the RA's discretion as to whether he/she will ignore any transgression, give a private reprimand or make a charge. If a charge is made a penalty will automatically follow.
  5. The penalty for any transgression is one down-down, except when the charge is severe, when a penalty with shame shall apply. A penalty with shame is a down-down taken kneeling down (or on ice if any is available).
  6. Beer is to be drunk when down-downing or poured over your own head. Excessive waste may result in a second down-down with shame.
  7. No Whingers!.
  8. With joyous heart, every Hasher will give Hash Cash 4 Euros every run. Covers beer, water, crisps.
  9. Anyone having knowledge of a transgression by a fellow Hasher may make a charge during the down-downs. A charge will always result in a penalty for either the accused, the accuser, or both, at the discretion of the RA. Charges from the pack can be defended, but poor defence will result in a penalty with shame (see Rule 5).
  10. Intelligence is neither required or appreciated on the Hash. Thinking on the run is a punishable offence.
  11. Short-cutting is allowed. Being caught short cutting is a serious offence (see Rule 10). A short-cutter will be known as an SCB (Short Cutting Bastard).
  12. At more or less regular intervals, every Hasher will be asked to set a run. Since being a Hare is a great honour, refusals are neither expected nor accepted. If the run is passably good, the Hares will be awarded a down-down. If the run or anything about the run is considered to be below standard for MH3, the Hares may face the great honour of the Hash-Shit .
  13. Silent running is a punishable offence.
  14. Every Hasher will be given a Hash Name. They will subsequently be known only by this Hash Name. Failure to observe this rule will result in a charge
  15. The Hash has Internationally accepted forms of communication on the run:- When ON flour shout 'On-On'. When Checking shout 'Checking'. When calling someone back to the correct trail shout 'On Back'. All calling must be at an appropriately high decibel level.  Hashers caught shouting 'On-On' when not in sight of flour will be charged with misleading the Hash. (See Rule 23).
  16. All Hashers should be strongly committed to the Hash and attend gatherings whenever possible. Irregular attendance will be noticed and charged. (i.e. two consecutive absences).
  17. The Hash is a non-competitive run through the local countryside in order to encourage a thirst for beer that should already exist. Aggressive running is totally banned and is a punishable offence. Aggressive runners will be called FRB's (Front Running Bastards). Persistent FRB's may be awarded a down-down prior to a run to curb their enthusiasm.
  18. No crop bashing will occur during the run. Down-down with shame to the offenders.
  19. Stationary checking or refusal to check when so required by the RA will undoubtedly result in a charge.
  20. If the cars are sighted on the run, then the run is officially over and the Hash may proceed to the beer by the most direct route.
  21. Leading the Hash astray is easy. However, the perpetrator of this crime will surely be made to suffer.
  22. The rules are not comprehensive and therefore rule 23 applies.
  23. The GM can add, delete or change, any rule, at any time. No public announcement will be deemed necessary, however transgressions will still result in a charge.
  24. The Hash is democratic and fair but will obey the GM in all matter