The Burro Hash

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May 15th 2019 - Mijas H3 30th Anniversary:  See below for details of the weekend and how to register  



Next Weeks Run

Run 1591 at 12 Midday.

(Colonic’s Birthday Bash) 


Short town and country run in the shady bits. Cava, tinto, cake Beer stop! Dogs on leads please?
Time: 12 midday.
Hares: Colonic & 5 Knuckle Shuffle
Where: At the back of Colonic‘s house, near Lew Hoad tenis academy.
Directions: From MIJAS pueblo continue down the hill and take the last left hand turn before the Da Bruno roundabout that circles over the A7 (please note, you should do a U turn and go past the turning for Lew Houds go 360 around the roundabout as it is an illegal left!) 
From the N340 take the exit to MIJAS pueblo and drive straight up to the above mentioned roundabout, go straight across and take the first right. Following the road to the Tenis club but do not turn left, continue to run start. Flour arrows on the road!

On on on, Indian Sunday late lunch The Palace of India in El Coto (Park in the school and walk through the ally)
Poppadoms with sauces and mixed starters followed by a choice of chicken currys, rice and nan bread. Veggie option of onion bajies Desperate Dan Sak, rice and nan. Half a bottle €15.
LLS Clonk 630729769






Future Events


May 15th 2019 - Mijas H3 30th Anniversary:



Price until 30 September 2018 is just 180 Euros. After that the price will go up to €200

Greetings fellow Hashers, I hope this reaches you in good health. 

We are almost fully booked, and only have 18 spaces so we are now looking at collecting tee shirt sizes, and foot size (No you are not getting running shoes!!) it’s for socks! Please advise on your T- shirt size and sock size (European shoe size) to this email address.

Any golfers out there? We are possibly looking at arranging a “MijasH3 Golf Challenge” during the week’s activities, this will be at La Cala Golf Resort. More on this in our next up date. Please register your interest.

Lastly, we are working on producing a commemorative magazine and would appreciate your help with photographs and possible contributions for the mag. A drop box will be set up for photographs and other literary contributions. All this and more will be in the next update. 

 To make the booking or any queries (Please give name and registration number) 

Planning for our biggest Anniversary Bash is going well, and we can now confirm the Hash Hotel “Las Palmeras” is now available to take hashers bookings: Please follow these instructions;

Go to the Hotel web site:

Click on  space bar “Book”, on the next page put the dates you require in May 2019.  At the bottom of the page there is box for “Promo code” enter “MIJASHASH30TH”  then press “Check” you then should be offered a choice of rooms ----- Simple. The offer is valid from 13th. – 26th. May both dates included.

The itinerary is more or less in place and we will be offering the following:

Wednesday 15th May: Caminito del Rey, (The King’s Walk). Check it out on  A great day out. Depending on the interest, we can organise this trip for you, ourselves.

Thursday 16th May: Red Dress Run. Places are limited, so book now. Cost is 40 euros, which includes your transport, beers, wine, dinner and special Red Dress souvenir. Registration will be at the Hotel Las Palmeras from 10.00-13.00, and coaches will depart 14.00 to take you to the famous pretty white village of Mijas Pueblo for a fun run in aid of the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Malaga. On On will be back in Fuengirola. To make the booking go to 

Friday 17th May: Registration at the Hotel Las Palmeras. This will be from 17.00 to 21.00. There will be ‘welcome’ drinks and snacks and time to meet up with your fellow Hashers and browse the Hash stalls. On On will be at a local live music venue, which is a 2 minute walk from the hotel.

Saturday 18th May: Meet at the Hotel Las Palmeras. Coaches will depart a short walk from the hotel.

Runs for Saturday: 

Run Number 1, The Ball Breaker, will leave at 11.00.

Run Number 2, River Run, will leave at 12.00.

Run Number 3, Countryside Run, will leave at 12.00.

Run Number 4, Old Farts Run, will leave at 12.00.

All Hashers will be brought back to the Hotel Las Palmeras in time for a spruce up, ready for the 30th Anniversary Hash Bash in the Las Palmeras ballroom, which kicks off at 19.00 and includes a full sit-down 3 course meal with Cava, wine, beer, live music, DJ and acts until 00.00.

Sunday 19th May: Hare of the Dog Run. Leaving from the Hotel Las Palmeras at 12.00 and ending at an amazing Spanish Hacienda with food and wine, plus Flamenco and horse show. Transport back to the Hotel Las Palmeras.

Monday 20th  May: Malaga Hash House Harriers”  this run is also limited numbers as it will be in Malaga City, so if you are interested in joining this run please register. Price to be advised. (Now full)

Tuesday 21st  May: Gibraltar Rock Run” This is Stiffanny & Streaky`s run around the famous Rock of Gibraltar, there will only be one (1) coach for this run, so book early if you would like to go. The cost is 65 Euros. This will include coach transportation, T-shirt, dinner and run costs.

As you can see, we are looking at a fantastic event and are also checking with Madrid H3 and Rota H3 (Cadiz) for pre- & post-lube runs.

We are working with ‘Maxy Travel’, should you wish to look at what attractions/tours are available in and around our area, e.g. Ronda, Granada, Cordoba, aqua parks etc. Their web page is and 

We will be back in touch shortly with more details once they have been finalized.

Looking forward to welcoming you our 30th Anniversary Bash.

On On - Mijas H3 Committee. 

Flight information:

You will be flying in to Malaga International airport. All major airlines use Malaga, the most cost effective flights are Easy Jet, Ryan Air, Jet 2, Thomson, Flybe, Airlingus, Norwegian, BA!! The list goes on; Book well in advance and it could be under 100 euro return from the UK! 

Like any good events it’s the people that make it so we hope you will attend. To assist us in getting venues, coaches, tee shirts and goody bag in timely fashion, it will help enormously to register as early as possible, it will also let you get your calendar marked off for this event, we both win. 


The event is limited to 350 People

Included: is Friday night registration party, Saturday runs, Buses, Lunch and Dinner. Sunday run, Lunch, Goodie bag and Lots of BEER,!!!

We are now offering the next 150 people that have registered the price of €180 Euros 

This offer is valid until 30 September 2018. After that the price will go up to €200

Account Name: Mijas Hash House Harriers

Bank Details :Sabadell Bank

IBAN: ES7500810596630001754486


Please give name and reference number with every correspondence.


On On

Mijas Hash House Harriers Committee. 

Face book: Mijas HHH and  for all payment information.




      The Hash Commandments

  1. The GM is always right
  2. When the GM is wrong, Rule 1 applies
  3. The RA is always right except when Rule 1 applies and there shall be no defence.
  4. The RA checks on proper behaviour before, during and between runs. It is left to the RA's discretion as to whether he/she will ignore any transgression, give a private reprimand or make a charge. If a charge is made a penalty will automatically follow.
  5. The penalty for any transgression is one down-down, except when the charge is severe, when a penalty with shame shall apply. A penalty with shame is a down-down taken kneeling down (or on ice if any is available).
  6. Beer is to be drunk when down-downing or poured over your own head. Excessive waste may result in a second down-down with shame.
  7. No Whingers!.
  8. With joyous heart, every Hasher will give Hash Cash 4 Euros every run. Covers beer, water, crisps.
  9. Anyone having knowledge of a transgression by a fellow Hasher may make a charge during the down-downs. A charge will always result in a penalty for either the accused, the accuser, or both, at the discretion of the RA. Charges from the pack can be defended, but poor defence will result in a penalty with shame (see Rule 5).
  10. Intelligence is neither required or appreciated on the Hash. Thinking on the run is a punishable offence.
  11. Short-cutting is allowed. Being caught short cutting is a serious offence (see Rule 10). A short-cutter will be known as an SCB (Short Cutting Bastard).
  12. At more or less regular intervals, every Hasher will be asked to set a run. Since being a Hare is a great honour, refusals are neither expected nor accepted. If the run is passably good, the Hares will be awarded a down-down. If the run or anything about the run is considered to be below standard for MH3, the Hares may face the great honour of the Hash-Shit .
  13. Silent running is a punishable offence.
  14. Every Hasher will be given a Hash Name. They will subsequently be known only by this Hash Name. Failure to observe this rule will result in a charge
  15. The Hash has Internationally accepted forms of communication on the run:- When ON flour shout 'On-On'. When Checking shout 'Checking'. When calling someone back to the correct trail shout 'On Back'. All calling must be at an appropriately high decibel level.  Hashers caught shouting 'On-On' when not in sight of flour will be charged with misleading the Hash. (See Rule 23).
  16. All Hashers should be strongly committed to the Hash and attend gatherings whenever possible. Irregular attendance will be noticed and charged. (i.e. two consecutive absences).
  17. The Hash is a non-competitive run through the local countryside in order to encourage a thirst for beer that should already exist. Aggressive running is totally banned and is a punishable offence. Aggressive runners will be called FRB's (Front Running Bastards). Persistent FRB's may be awarded a down-down prior to a run to curb their enthusiasm.
  18. No crop bashing will occur during the run. Down-down with shame to the offenders.
  19. Stationary checking or refusal to check when so required by the RA will undoubtedly result in a charge.
  20. If the cars are sighted on the run, then the run is officially over and the Hash may proceed to the beer by the most direct route.
  21. Leading the Hash astray is easy. However, the perpetrator of this crime will surely be made to suffer.
  22. The rules are not comprehensive and therefore rule 23 applies.
  23. The GM can add, delete or change, any rule, at any time. No public announcement will be deemed necessary, however transgressions will still result in a charge.
  24. The Hash is democratic and fair but will obey the GM in all matter